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Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#35104
Fun:*** (3)
Difficulty:* (0.94)
Submitted By:tamjpAus*****
Corrected By:deepsea




Once, there was a lovesick tiger who fell in love with a lovely lioness. However, her pride rejected him, and they were not allowed to be together because he was different.

Heart sickness and grief caused the lovely lioness to lose all of her fur. Even though it was a sad sight, the tiger was overjoyed! Now he would shave off all of his fur. Then he could pretend to be a large lion and be with his beloved.

Unfortunately, they did not get to live happily ever after! His plan failed. Even with his fur gone, everyone could tell he was a tiger.

Ignoring any obvious size differences, how did the pride know that he was obviously still a tiger?


Tigers have striped skin as well as striped fur

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Jan 28, 2007

Don't know how I knew that, but I did. Well written and fun. Thanks!
Jan 28, 2007

Pretty great teaser.
Jan 28, 2007

I heard this a few days ago, not sure from where though.
Jan 28, 2007

wow i never knew that.. shweettt...
Jan 28, 2007

Don't they have striped skin *and* striped fur?
Jan 28, 2007

Good job - I need to read more about animals
Jan 28, 2007

That was a horrible teaser! Unless you are an expert on animals you wouldnt have understould that! That teaser required outside knowledge that some people dont have! But clever riddle though!
Jan 28, 2007

Learn something new every day. That was a good one.
Jan 28, 2007

As an owner of cats and dogs, it was easy to guess the answer to this. I loved it!
Jan 29, 2007

Super glad you all enjoyed this one! It has been a long while since I submitted so this was exciting!

I am sorry that I Just "blurted Out " the answer. The teaser could have been better if I had kept with the story telling mode lie: Our lovestruck fellow discovered that he had striped skin as well" or something like that.

I hope to find the link that I can stick here to lead us all to more fun tiger facts. Haven't found one to back up my "facts " yet though

Anyhow, thanks for the positive comments
Jan 29, 2007

I meant to type *like * not *lie* sorry
Feb 01, 2007

And the color of the lioness skin? Love comes in many colors. Good teaser.
Feb 06, 2007

I heard that they had striped skin!!
Mar 07, 2007

Good one, I liked it. to notsosmart, of course you have to have prior knowledge, it's under trivia!
Oh and for future knowledge: Male tiger + female lion = Tion; A liger has a lion father. No biggie.
Mar 08, 2007

LOL thats pretty awesome
Mar 10, 2007

You are wise. thank you for the Information and kudos on your awesome screen name.

Thanks for all of the positive comments form eveyone.
Mar 21, 2007

Thanks for teaching me a new fact. I never knew tigers had striped skin!
Dec 29, 2007

Dec 29, 2007

I knew the stripes were there, too. Nice try.
Dec 29, 2007

where did you go to find that out??? LOL
Dec 29, 2007

ROAR ROAR ROAR..Pretty easy
Dec 29, 2007

Great puzzle.
Dec 29, 2007

Learned something new.
Dec 29, 2007

I thought it was the tail. Striped tail.
Dec 29, 2007

Good teaser
Dec 29, 2007

Thanks for this one. Yep ... knew that ... also, an amorous zebra would have been disappointed in the same way (they also have striped skin). But then perhaps disappointed in another way as well ... if the lioness was hungry.
Dec 29, 2007

Another new bit of trivia to file away in my memory bank. Thanks for posting.
Dec 29, 2007

Too easy...
Dec 29, 2007

Glad I tune in to PBS!
Dec 29, 2007

Thank God I watch the animal planet. I believe Zebras are the same way. Thanks for the outstanding teaser. It was a pleasure to read and answer.

Dec 29, 2007

Via Tunisi. Uh , what does your
comment mean????

Sweet Potato,I loved your Joke

Good teaser , I learned something.
Thanks !!!
Dec 29, 2007

Very easy, but I suppose it could stump some people.
Dec 29, 2007

rose, I think viatunisi doesn't realize that 'as well as' means 'and'; that's my guess.
Dec 29, 2007

great teaser... pretty easy for those of us that are animal lovers, but loved it anyhow
Dec 29, 2007

nice job - i thought a liger was a leoperd/tiger - but o well - nice job
Dec 29, 2007

umm yeah. not so much a brain teaser, but a fact i thought everyone knew..
Dec 29, 2007

Good teaser, I didn't really know that Tigers were that way, but I just figured that it must be that and got it right! And to 2ndHandRose and Wordmama, the reason for Via Tunisi's comment was that there was an error in the teaser, which has since been corrected.
Dec 29, 2007

Isn't hair just dead skin, and that's why striped skin produces striped hair?
Besides, how else would you be able to tell it's a tiger? Just guess. =P
Dec 30, 2007

This is only interesting because tiger stripes are different from house cat stripes. On a tiger, black hairs grow from black skin, and yellow hairs grow from yellow skin. Each hair is a single color. On a house cat, whiskers are usually the same color as the underlying skin, but hairs are not. If a cat is striped each individual hair is striped. A single hair can have as many as six colors! Go look carefully at a tabby if you don't believe me. Even when a cat isn't striped, each hair might be multiple colors. I had a Russian Blue. The tip of each hair is white, but the rest of each hair varies between two shades of gray.
Dec 30, 2007

dont male lions also have manes, while tigers dont?
Dec 30, 2007

good teaser. I picked this up somewhere so I knew it.
Dec 31, 2007

This is an interesting fact. I might add that "male" lions have manes. Tigers do no have manes so unless he pretended to be female (which I doubt), the lack of a mane would be a giveaway also.
Dec 31, 2007

that poor tiger!!

I didn't know about the skin being striped I just figured that his hair that was still kinda there would show his stripes and his color and that would obviously make him not a lion!
Dec 29, 2010

Easy and fun! Great trivia!
Dec 29, 2010

I knew the answer right away because I learned it a long time ago but the accompanying story was VERY entertaining. Great job!
Dec 29, 2010

Dude, a liger is made of a lion and a tigress! a lioness and a tiger is a Tiglon!
Dec 29, 2010

A liger is pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic.
Dec 29, 2010

That was so cute. And I got it right away!
Dec 30, 2010

Easy if you know your cats, which I do.
Dec 29, 2013

Weird backstory. But good trivia I guessed right, but I assume there are many other ways that they would know the difference.
Dec 29, 2016

Because he said his name was Tony.
Dec 29, 2016

Cute story! I knew this one, too!

Happy New Year everyone!

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