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Collecting Food

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#35138
Fun:*** (2.68)
Difficulty:** (1.99)
Submitted By:nick93Acu****




Two girls (Dawn and Europa) and two boys (Franklin and Gin-tan) worked all day last Saturday collecting canned food for needy families. The last names of the girls and boys are Qualman, Rockland, Sutton, and Talbot, and their ages are 8, 10, 11, and 12. The streets they live on are Marker Avenue, Nesbitt Road, Oddway Road, and Portland Avenue. The numbers of cans of food each collected were 100, 110, 132, 144.

Read the clues below and match up everything.

1. Rockland and Gin-Tan's ages are each 1/10 the number of cans of food each collected.

2. Dawn and Sutton are girl scouts.

3. The boy who lives on Marker Avenue collected more cans than Talbot.

4. The number of letters in the name of Europa's street is the same as her age. (When counting the letters in the street, the words "road", and "avenue" are not counted. Example: Marker Road counts as having 6 letters.)

5. Europa is 2/3 as old as, and collected more cans of food than, the girl who lives on Oddway road.

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Jan 31, 2007

Maybe I just don't know how to do math properly (not my strong point), but I had a tough time with the 2/3 age equation. If you take 12 and take 1/3 off you do get 8 (rounded off, of course), but if you take 8 and add 1/3 you get 11. That left me wondering if the girls' ages were 8 and 11 or 8 and 12. I would have preferred if the clue was more precise.

Regardless, I had fun with this teaser. Thanks for a great morning workout for my brain!
Jan 31, 2007

12 is the only age presented that can be divided evenly by 3. That part was easy for me, but I still had to work this thing THREE TIMES! I enjoyed it very much.
Jan 31, 2007

Thanks for the fun teaser! It seems to be forever before a new logic grid is posted. I know how difficult they are to create (that's why I don't have any new ones out there either). So, keep up the good work and make up some more! Thanks again!
Feb 01, 2007

Your right scallio, maths doesn't always work the way you assume.

You shouldn't add a third of 8. 8 is (2) thirds of another number, thus you should add 1/(2) of 8.

for any number which is (x-1)/x ths of another number, always add 1/(x-1) times the smaller number to obtain the big one.
Feb 01, 2007

Wow Mathmama, now I'm confused. I must have got the right answwers by mistake.
Feb 04, 2007

lol I love math, but it is too early in the morning for me to work out Mathmama's way. I needed to find out what 2/3 of 12 was, so I first figured 1/3 of 12. 12 divided by 3, is 4, making 4, 1/3 of 12. 4/12 = 1/3. 2 x 4 = 8, making 8/12 = 2/3. Sorry if this seems redundant. I am just trying to make clear how I did it in my head (if this is wrong, then I am a good guesser! )

Thanks for the fun teaser^^
Feb 04, 2007

scallio, 8/12 equals exactly 2/3 so 1/3 plus 8 equals 12. This was a great brainteaser and was fun!!!!
Feb 05, 2007

Given the ages 8,10,11,12; the only pair that can give you an answer of 2/3 is 8/12. This was a clear clue. This was a very good teaser, and I think it deserves a higher difficulty ranking.
Feb 21, 2007

Fun. Had to go through clues 3 times until something finally clicked, but I got it right though!
Mar 22, 2007

i got it. really like these logic boxes.
Apr 02, 2007

I really enjoyed this puzzle. I didn't get it right, but I know what I did wrong, so I don't care. Besides, I hate doing these more then once. I liked it because the clues made you think. Thank you. I hope to do more of your puzzles!!
Aug 22, 2007

Nice teaser, it was a bit tricky, but in the end I finally got it.
Feb 18, 2014

Hey!! Was this from the book Mind Benders?? Cause I've seen it in a book!!

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