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The Test

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#352
Fun:*** (2.56)
Difficulty:** (1.28)
Submitted By:22ACE***
Corrected By:smarty_blondy




The teacher gave Ben and Jerry a written test. Ben read the test, then folded his arms and answered none of the questions. Jerry carefully wrote out good answers to the questions. When the time was up, Ben handed in a blank sheet of paper while Jerry handed in his work. The teacher gave Ben an A and Jerry an F. Why?

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Jan 13, 2004

I thought you say Jerry wrote out good answer which i assume answer that is appropriate to the question.
Jul 20, 2004

i got this one right!
Feb 17, 2005

This test actually exists.. My mother used it teaching a highschool english class.
Feb 21, 2005

My teachers used that on us
Mar 24, 2005

I would hate to have that teacher.
Apr 11, 2005

something like that has actually happened in my class.
Jul 24, 2005

i new that answer!! i've seen it in tv before!
Nov 09, 2005

Likewise, our class was tricked the same way. Nice
Nov 14, 2005

I've seen a version of this test, but mine said to read all the questions before answering, and the last question said don't do any of the questions, so if it said in the directions not to do it, I would have liked it better.
Mar 10, 2006

I had a teacher give me that test too....thank god I'm a speed reader and read the whole test
May 03, 2006

yeah i saw that test on this one site

i did nothing but read the directions. DID YOU?
May 23, 2006

my teacher gave me one of these in fifth grade and i was fooled. then in sixth grade another teacher gave me the same thing so i knew what to do
Jun 12, 2006

Good one!
Sep 01, 2006

our class had to do it. It was really funny everytime someone shouted something out
Sep 09, 2006

good one
Oct 14, 2006

good one, but cliche
Oct 25, 2006

Oh yeah my teacher gave my class that test. I was the only one who got it. Yay me.
Nov 20, 2006

i always read everything first anyway
Dec 02, 2006

lol, my teacher gave us that test, but luckily didn't give us a REAL grade.
Dec 26, 2006

I thought that the teacher had accidently given them each others sheet.

Not very likely their names would already be written on them but...
Feb 13, 2007

Yeah my PE teachers made this "exam" where you had to do a ton of pushups and running like the whole class, but it said not to do any of them near the end of the directions.

I've actually heard of a college/high school test or something like this, so thats how I figured it out. Good teaser!
May 09, 2007

My fifth grade teacher gave us this one coloring one, but it wasn't really graded.
Jun 05, 2007

I've seen one of those. The first direction is to not do anything until you read all the directions...the last direction is to not answer anything. Great teaser!
Jul 26, 2007

boring!!! i h8 school but it was hard,i give u credit for that(if u want to count that as credit) LOL
Jun 02, 2010

Now I want ice cream!!!!
Nov 04, 2012

I had a teacher who did a version of this test which involved doing absurd things like hopping up and down and doing push-ups. That way those of us who read the directions just got to sit there and watch all the other idiots. =D

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