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Plain White

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#35438
Fun:*** (3.01)
Difficulty:*** (2.18)
Submitted By:menzAus***!!!




I constantly collide into all the others,
The only one of 16 without colors.
Associated with English and banking and breaking,
The answer is right there for the taking.

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Feb 26, 2007

Very well written!
Mar 01, 2007

Well done. A little tricky, but if you know the clues, it bacame simple. More please.
Mar 08, 2007

This was really cool
Really well written also
Mar 27, 2007

Pretty good riddle, but I had already read it when it showed up as Daily Teaser.
Mar 27, 2007

Excellent! Very well written...
Mar 27, 2007

Thanks for the hint, but we only play pool in the morning. Very good riddle!!
Mar 27, 2007

Had no idea til i looked at the hint then you gave it away . Loved it THX
Mar 27, 2007

I LOVED that!
Had a sleepover over the weekend and played pool also
Mar 27, 2007

This teaser is very clever. Not being a pool player I had no clue, but I really like the riddle. Good job.
Mar 27, 2007

Good riddle to start the day! Thanks
Mar 27, 2007

tricky dicky.... ya got me LOL
didn`t have a clue, good one tho` thx
Mar 27, 2007

I was completely stumped! Good one!
Mar 27, 2007

Mar 27, 2007

I thought that one was okay.But, not one of my faves.
Mar 27, 2007

I thought that's what it was, but when it said "only one of 16 without colors" it threw me because the 8 ball is black and white and black isn't a color.
Mar 27, 2007

i got stumped.
Mar 27, 2007

A little too easy for me, must reflect on my misspent youth. Ha , ha. Only kidding. Got it before I finished the 2nd line. But I'm sure not everyone found it so simple. Keep up the good work, but try to make them harder.
Mar 27, 2007

Imurray, for more than a year we have only seen your rude and crude remarks, always putting down others teaser, but with all your points and those of all your imaginary playmates (the ones that always support your rudeness and rush to your aid); JUST WHERE ARE YOUR TEASERS? It seems this rudeness the only thing you are capable of creating.

Even this teaser, out scores anything you have contributed. This was simple, solvable for most and fun. Nice teaser. Keep them coming.
Mar 27, 2007

very good!!
Mar 27, 2007

I enjoyed the teaser but did find this one simple. Maybe I too mispent my youth. I guessed right after the title and first line, the rest of the riddle just confirmed it. However, it did seem to give some people trouble, so nice one.
Mar 27, 2007

didn't get it~I'm not very good with riddles. Seems everyone liked it so good job
Mar 27, 2007

Very well written!
Mar 27, 2007

If the word english wasn't there I wouldn't have gotten it.

Great teaser though
Mar 27, 2007

Loved this one. It was a real "GOTCHA"
Mar 27, 2007

Not a pool player so didn't get this one. Well written one!
Mar 27, 2007

A superbly written and enjoyable teaser! I have been a pool table man, most ALL of my life. Especially, since I have had a pool table in my home, since I was a grade schooler. Keep up the terrific work, I can enjoy your teasers!
Mar 27, 2007

That was certainly a fun one for anyone who has a pool player in their life. Thanks!
Mar 27, 2007

mhmm. good job =]
Mar 27, 2007

I loved this one, even the hint was great. Absolutely GREAT! I got it after I had my morning coffee!
Mar 29, 2007

That was a good one! I love pool, and I told all my family .
Mar 30, 2007

Good Teaser; well written. I know nothing about the game of pool; but, enjoyed the "little lesson"
Apr 05, 2007

*cry* I love pool, but haven't played in so long, even the lingo must've left my head! I had no idea about this riddle, yet should've. I scratched on the break on this one too. Booohooohoo...
Apr 19, 2007

I enjoyed this riddle! The last two sentences threw me off, so I just concentrated on the number and colors, and it came! I guess I rank with the others and our "misspent youths."
Jan 19, 2009

that was a good riddle i play pole every day and i mist that one
Mar 27, 2010

Very nice, well written
Mar 27, 2010

I'm an excellent pool player,but on my phone. So as soon as I read the question, I knew the answer. Though couldn't explain the English ,Banking and Breaking part. Good job.
Mar 27, 2010

Having only played pool once 40 years ago, the significance of '16' escaped me, and that number, to me, was essential to get me on my way. 'Chalk' might have helped, but 'nightlife' was a total distraction. So, easy for those of the misspent youth, hard for others. All that being said, I thought it was an excellent riddle; kudos to its creator/poster!
Mar 27, 2010

Being that I have a pool table, this was very easy.
Mar 27, 2010

I play pool and didn't get it. However, being more of a scientific mind, I have to take exception to white being without color. White actually consists of all colors and black is the absence of color. That is why a prism will make rainbows and you can't see anything in the dark.

All in all, I still enjoyed it and rated it hard and fun.
Mar 27, 2010

Well done.
Mar 27, 2010

I knew the answer right away, but I play a lot of pool.
Mar 27, 2010

the english one want over my head but i undersood the rest
Mar 29, 2010

Great teaser, thanks.

However, the pedantic side of me is unhappy with the 'colour' bit. The common usage includes black and white. What colour is snow? What colour is coal? However, scientifically neither is a colour. You should not mix the two usages ... in my humble 'O'!

Still worth a high rating, though!
Mar 27, 2013

I should have got that one, but I just did not take enough time to think about it. Good one!
Mar 27, 2013

I had to read it again to solve it. On my first read I missed the "and" between English and Banking so it read as "English Banking" didn't know how English Banking differed from North American Banking so was at a loss. Once I read it correctly, the answer came straight away!
Mar 27, 2013

Very nice teaser and easily solved w/ a little thought.
Mar 27, 2013

Is there anybody willing to take me on for a game of 9ball? $10,000.00 on the table in cash before you start!!!!
Mar 27, 2013

I was stumped, but thought "Of Course!" when I saw the answer! I played pool when I was young (back in the stone age) and thoroughly enjoyed your teaser!

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