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Boiling Water

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#3552
Fun:*** (2.81)
Difficulty:** (1.9)
Submitted By:Bobbrt*****
Corrected By:MarcM1098




A clever scientist in his lab can bring pure water to a vigorous boil, then immediately pour the water over his head without scalding himself. How does he do it?

Note: He does not cool the water down and he has no protective clothing whatsoever.

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Apr 26, 2002

pretty good... u learn someting new everyday!
May 05, 2002

Also he could pour the boiling water into a jug whilst holding it over his head. Thus pouring boiling water over his head. If the question said ,pouring boiling water ON TO his head then that would be different.......and stupid!!!
May 06, 2002

the scientist could also do his experiment at extemely high altitude, which is the same general idea as creating the vacuum
(user deleted)
Aug 14, 2002

Go up to a high altitude and boil water without a vaccum and then pour it on your head. Call me when you get out of the hospital. I'll stick with the vaccum!
Jan 21, 2003

what about adding Dry Ice to it? wouldnt that make it boil, or at least look like it?
Jan 21, 2003

that would count as cooling it down
Aug 04, 2006

Standard physics

When vapor pressure = atmospheric pressure, the liquid comes to a boil.
Mar 12, 2007

What if he had a boil (skin) on his head
Dec 13, 2008

The problem arises with boiling "Pure" water. When we boil pure water, we don't mean to suggest Additives, such as a vaccum. I thought pouring the water Over his head and not touching his head with boiling water was better, than the old vaccum in the pot trick. Good Teaser, good fun. Great job

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