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Lost MP3 Player

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#35892
Fun:*** (2.23)
Difficulty:*** (2.28)
Submitted By:EnderofGamesAca***!!!
Corrected By:4demo




Ralph was a very disorganized guy. About three years ago, he lost a nice MP3 player that had a lithium-ion battery. Last night, he found it and put it in its charger. The next morning, he found it was still dead.

It was fully charged when he lost it. It had been charging all night. Nothing had broken the MP3 player. Why wouldn't it work?


If a lithium-ion battery is left unused for a long period of time, it goes into deep discharge. This can cause a battery that charges in three hours normally to take about fifty hours to charge. If left long enough, deep discharge can cause it to stop working completely. Ralph was unlucky to have this happen to him.

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Mar 26, 2007

YES!!! I got it in! And it was close to being rejected...
Mar 26, 2007

not bad but you can bring back even a dead lithium ion battery using a pulse charger set higher than the voltage of the battery
Mar 26, 2007

i figured it worked somthing like that, but didnt know what it was called.
Mar 27, 2007

Just a regular dead one, when it dies in deep discharge, it won't come back, whatever you do.

Thanks for the comments!
Mar 27, 2007

Kind of easy if you are aware of this type of battery and fortunately I was.
Mar 29, 2007

oh no wonder my portable dvd player wasnt working and now i know why thanks!!
Mar 30, 2007

hahaha didnt get that one
Apr 02, 2007


But I am SOOO not good at trivia. . .
Apr 20, 2007

I got it when it said Lithium-ion. Good, though!
Jun 01, 2007

clever, but easy
Jan 18, 2010

moral of the story: don't lose your lithium-ion batteries

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