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36 Tile Challenge


Puzzle ID:#36175
Fun:*** (2.47)
Difficulty:*** (2.95)
Submitted By:calmsaviorAus******
Corrected By:calmsavior




You are given thirty-six square tiles. Thirty-two of them each have exactly one letter on their face. Specifically, there are 4 A's, 4 C's, 2 E's, 2 H's, 3 I's, 1 N, 1 O, 1 P, 4 R's, 3 S's, 3 T's, 1 U, 1 V, 1 W, and 1 Y. The other four tiles are black. Your challenge is to fit the tiles together such that they form two separate crosswords: one of them is 4 tiles across and 4 tiles down; the other one is 4 tiles across and 5 tiles down. Both crosswords have independent clues, and the words are not numbered; the clues are given by each row and column. If a row or column has more than one word (separated by a black tile), the clues for each word will be separated by a semicolon. Some words are actually strings of letters with a familiar pattern, or they may be single letters or acronyms. Some clues even have a trick answer to them. The clues will mention where these are. Using word knowledge and logic, make both crosswords.

Clues for the 4x4 crossword:
1st row: Positive quality
2nd row: A common form of precipitation
3rd row: (letter string) A string of four identical letters.
4th row: Very common English word

1st column: (acronym) Item frequently lost in the sofa
2nd column: Agreement, usually between nations
3rd column: Synonym of flush
4th column: Frequently mentioned upon a time

Clues for the 4x5 crossword:
1st row: Can either be Soft or Hard
2nd row: Method of jeer
3rd row: Special studies
4th row: (letter) Most frequently used consonant; (trick) Reverse gold
5th row: Usually follows the word 'Poison'

1st column: One of the Five Ws
2nd column: Humans need it; (letter) Roman numeral
3rd column: (letter string) A string of consecutive letters of the alphabet.
4th column: Sometimes formatted into five distinct sections

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Apr 12, 2007

If anyone is planning to correct the "silver" to "gold" part of my teaser, please note that I have already submitted a correction for this. Thank you.
May 29, 2007

Very nice! I enjoyed this a lot!

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