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Where's the Gold? II

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#36307
Fun:*** (2.8)
Difficulty:*** (2.69)
Submitted By:t4mtAcn******




Bob Sr. the alchemist had recently died. He invented only one magic potion, the Cingumbulating Stone 2001. It had the power to make any metal into gold (just like the Philosopher's Stone). It was nowhere to be seen. However, he seemed to have left instructions on how to make it:

Take 12 toenails,
Add 5 nincompoops,
Mix that with 14 salads.
Next add 9 icicles,
2 dead frogs,
And 6 wet rocks.
Finally, put 14 cats in,
Along with 12 ace of spades,
7 diamond bracelets,
And 9 monkeys' paws.

His son, Bob Jr., will not receive the inheritance of the ultimate stone if he cannot figure out this puzzle. Can you help him?

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Apr 18, 2007

Cant he just say... great teaser! you got me!
Apr 18, 2007

A fun teaser! I enjoy cryptography puzzles.
Apr 18, 2007

Apr 18, 2007

Great enjoyed muchly
Apr 21, 2007

this was one of the better teasers i have read today
May 09, 2007

Tough one
May 15, 2007

ummm... I got confused by the wording. I wasn't looking to find the stone but how to make it. I just thought well, just follow the recipe.
May 19, 2007

i am cofused. it can be much more better
Jun 18, 2007

Good teaser, I especially liked the ingredients!
Jun 21, 2007

wow i read ur first teaser! u probably think really deeply! thanks for the challenge!
Jul 01, 2007

all i can say is:
Oct 08, 2007

AHHA nice one
Oct 24, 2007

I added them all up and i am like
WHAT THE HECK DOES THE FREEAKIN' NUMBER 90 HAVE TO DO WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im cooled off now.
Nov 08, 2007

i got this one pretty quickly, good teaser
Dec 01, 2007

pretty good one, keep it up. I think all my mind. These kinds of teasers can mean a lot of directions to solve, and to be able to go all the directions really take time. anyway, keep it up.
Dec 03, 2007

How silly!
Dec 03, 2007

How silly!
Dec 20, 2007

Nice one!
Mar 19, 2008

This one was definently harder than the first one. Keep on making them. They are the best.
Jun 26, 2008

Heavy Duty Tooty Fruity!

SourDough liked this one very much, yes indeed!

Jul 17, 2008

that was good...I just don't think I am good at that kind of mystery...
Nov 02, 2009

No matter how difficult a Teaser is, the answer should be spelled out clearly for those participants who may lack the knowledge to arrive at a conclusion, a correct conclusion. Therefore, this Teaser was Boring and unfair, even though I rated it positive. You know fun and hard. Even though Braingle is not a school, show off your true talent.
Feb 21, 2011

precious, why is it that in every comment u post it is always negative and begins and ends with demons?

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