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Two For the Price of One

These brain teasers rely on your ability to recognize groups of common attributes. For each of these puzzles you'll need to figure out why the words or letters are grouped as they are. Sometimes you will be asked to pick the odd-one-out or to place a new word into the correct group.


Puzzle ID:#36328
Fun:*** (2.82)
Difficulty:*** (2.8)
Submitted By:cnmne*us*****




Which word from Group B can be added to Group A? Why?

Group A: bear, fall, grind, lie
Group B: drop, measure, play, see, tape, walk

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Apr 20, 2007

Good teaser, i liked it
Apr 23, 2007

I'm still having trouble with this one. I don't know how to describe my problem without giveing away the answer so I will simply say I feel the meaning of the correct word was changed as I had always used it by saying it had been ---n because the other means cut. Sorry. Maybe I'm wrong and do not fully understand what you are attempting here.
Apr 23, 2007

This is why I love english. Its full of puzzles. =). Teriffic Teaser!
Jul 23, 2007

I love it! I was way off track trying to add or remove letters

vlerma, the "simple past" (or "past tense") of see is saw - "I saw you there." A simple past can be replaced by the present tense to make a correct sentence, albeit with a different meaning ("I see you there") - that is what makes it "simple". The "past participle" of see is seen - "I have seen you there before." Note the use of have/had. That's a fairly basic description but I hope it helps

Also I don't think you need to worry about discussing the answer here - others will need to click to see the comments anyway, and I think most people check the answer first
Nov 23, 2007

Difficult but good! I couldn't figure it out at all, but the explanation was great!
May 24, 2009

May 24, 2009

Wow, I did not see that coming. Your only supposed to tease my brain, not break it.
May 24, 2009

Need another cup of coffee after that one.
May 24, 2009

I totally read it wrong and was trying to add a word from Group A to Group B. That's what I get for trying this so early in the morning...

But a great teaser nonetheless!
May 24, 2009

Ok, want to run that one by me again? I sure didn't get it. Vlerma, you aren't alone.... But, thanks for posting.
May 24, 2009

I didn't get the answer, but I understood the answer. Once you have a clue as to what you are looking for it became crystal clear.
May 26, 2009

I htought it might have something to do with that. Good puzzle!
May 26, 2009

I got the right answer, but for the wrong reason...

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