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Crazy Cooking Catastrophes V

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#36476
Fun:**** (3.11)
Difficulty:** (1.61)
Submitted By:PineappleMamaAus**!!!




Welcome to Crazy Cooking Catastrophes.
Today our host has decided to mix up an Antipasto Creature Feature...
Please follow these instructions carefully to unscramble [pun totally intended] the answer.

Cooking Tips:
Words like add, combine, stir in, sprinkle, garnish etc mean to add those letters to the mix.
Words like remove, drain, none left over, give, etc. mean to remove those letters from the mix.

In a bowl, combine one cup of MARMALADE with one tablespoon of OIL.
Kick MAE out of the kitchen [she's dangerous with a whisk] then whip until frothy.

What creature will be in the bowl?



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May 01, 2007

One word was a dead giveaway without any clue. Nice job.
May 01, 2007

I could do these all day! I love them! So clever!
Jun 12, 2007

Very nice!
Jun 12, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
Jul 26, 2008

Congrats on TOTD! Good job!
Jul 26, 2008

gud 1
Jul 26, 2008

easy, especially with hint, but totally fun
Jul 26, 2008

2 EZ
Jul 26, 2008

Fine anagram, fine verse!
Jul 26, 2008

Very fun quiz, Mama. I thought it was easy, even without the hint. I really enjuy this type of teaser. Thanks.
Jul 26, 2008

Naturally I meant "enjoy".
Jul 26, 2008

Loved it. Good way to start the day. Thanks for posting.
Jul 26, 2008

This was fun! Thanks!
Jul 26, 2008

loved it!
Great addition to a Saturday morning. Great TOTD
Jul 26, 2008

Easy Peasy... But very cute!
Jul 26, 2011

I love unscrambling - good puzzle Thanks! Good morning KiPA!
Jul 26, 2011

Jul 26, 2011

I'm still new here, so the teasers are still fresh for me, but here's a rebus custom made for you, doehead:



(I understand how you feel - I get frustrated with my trivial knowledge retention when - in Nov/Dec - I look back through my mensa page-a-day from Jan/Feb and can readily recall the solutions when I'd actually like to puzzle over some of them a second time around)
Jul 26, 2011

Wow...I can't believe I had to use the hint. I'm a Texan and I didn't spot it right away. *facepalm* Good teaser. It was fun!
Jul 26, 2011

for once Doe , we agree AEZROB
Jul 26, 2011

A very interesting and very clever teaser -- well done!
Jul 26, 2014

Good language-learner drill.

Hope everybody enjoyed it (what FEW of you there are remaining !!!!!!!!!!)

Braingle is dying and you kick good people off the boards because of your elitist refusal to discuss the problem.

Very sad.

Jul 26, 2014

I guess I am the dumbest one on this site!!! I did not understand the directions or what I was supposed to do at all. Nothing made sense to me. Can someone help?
Jul 26, 2014

Hi Babe! add marmalade and oil together (marmaladeoil) remove mae
leaving marladoil and then unscramble - answer armadillo.
And, you're far from dumb - you get most of the teasers!
Fun one! Thanks for posting!
Jul 26, 2014

3:11 am (CST USA/N AMERICA) and the viewer "online now" count is 277.

That's the lowest we've recorded since we started taking daily random data counts the 1st of July.

We'll have a FULL month of such data - including averages - within a few more days.

Stay TOONED ....


Jul 26, 2014

Babe, I doubt anyone here thinks of you as dumb. We all have days when we look at a teaser and think "WHAT?!?" and then realise everyone else seems to have found it easy.
I didn't get the one about the bowling alley the other day, though once I saw the answer I was ashamed of myself for missing something so obvious (especially considering that when I was a kid I bowled in several youth leagues).
You're fine!
Jul 26, 2014

Although I got this one, I'm still light years behind BABE.
Jul 26, 2014

Thank you, HABS and doodles, for your more discursive* comments.

Brings a more colourful tinge to the thread. That's good. Because that might encourage more "cruisers" to ....

... stop ... think ... participate.

And, that's all - really - that I've been talking about all along.

Again ... thanks.

*(no need to look it up. it means "talking about a variety of subjects with no organized manner or purpose". Some might call it "piddle-paddle" (or some such) but it definitely makes for more interesting conversation.)

YLADS (of course)

Jul 26, 2014

I got it after writing the letters on a piece of paper
Jul 26, 2014

Thank you, Zykezex, for the expanded comment.

At least it was more than just "I got it".

AND ... before we leave the TOTDFTD
(I looked it up !! .. and that stands for "Teaser-of-the-day-for-today") ... everyone ....


Look at Teaser # 50404 for an extraordinary NOTD.

Jul 26, 2014

Cute teaser, not very hard, but enjoyable.
Aug 25, 2014

Sorry it took me so long, with a wreck, school coming (we HS), and trying my hand at a FB HS page it's been nutty.

Thank y'all all so much for your comments. Lovely addition to my day. :-)

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