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A Day at the Movie Store

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#36711
Fun:*** (2.44)
Difficulty:** (1.77)
Submitted By:Dontrelle*
Corrected By:aprilsprings29




Dontrelle and his mom walk into a movie store. Dontrelle spots a "Quarter toss" where the goal is to land a quarter on very small platform. If it lands and stays there, Dontrelle and his mom get free movie rentals for a year. The trick is that the platform is in a glass of water. The only rules are that the quarter has to land on, and stay on, the platform, and your hand can't get wet. (So he can't just lay it on there.)

Well, Dontrelle proved he could do it and got free movies for a year.

How did Dontrelle do it?

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May 23, 2007

wait a minute.....YOU ARE DONTRELLE you almost tricked me there
May 24, 2007

nice one dontrelle, it was like i was dontrelle in the teaser but when i finsihed the teaser i wasnt dontrelle anymore
May 24, 2007

Sneaky little boy. I figured he'd just drink the water.
May 24, 2007

Empy and I were on the same wavelength; at first I thought of siphoning with a drinking straw. Then the thought made me feel oogy (I mean, how long has this water been there, ya know?) and I had to pause.
May 26, 2007

Hey dontrelle, have you ever done that? What did the store's manager say?
May 26, 2007

Very clever although I didn't get it.
May 31, 2007

Jun 03, 2007

i thought he would just put on a glove
Jun 10, 2007

I thought he would have just taken something that a quarter could fit through to guide it onto the platform. Extremely clever!
Jun 26, 2007

im to dum to figure this out. clever1
Jun 28, 2007

Don't forget to send me a message saying what subject you want me to do on a quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 06, 2007

You could have thought of something more clever...
Jul 06, 2007

Thank you Coltonr1 for your up lifting comment.
Aug 20, 2007

He placed the coin using a pair of forceps.
Sep 27, 2007

Dont forget to send me a mesage saying what subject you want for a quiz!
Sep 27, 2007

Meh ignore dat last thing
Oct 26, 2007

Did he just pour the water on the floor? I'd be pretty pissed if I were the manager.
Mar 02, 2008

I Just Realised Your Name Is Dontrelle
Jul 08, 2013

Really? He removed something from the store, vandalized it, and was rewarded with free movies? Methinks not.

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