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Double Meanings #5

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#36839
Fun:*** (2.97)
Difficulty:** (1.15)
Submitted By:fishmedAus******mod
Corrected By:fishmed




Below are words or phrases grouped in pairs. There is a different word that fits in the middle of each set that can be defined by both sides. Your task is to find those words.

Flower ________ Stood
Answer: Rose

1. Enclosure for animals - __________ - Writing instrument
2. Male sheep - __________ - Collide into something
3. To shove one thing inside another - __________ - A collection of miscellaneous items
4. Not specific or definite - __________ - Military officer of very high rank


1. Enclosure for animals - Pen - Writing instrument
2. Male sheep - Ram - Collide into something
3. To shove one thing inside another - Stuff - A collection of miscellaneous items
4. Not specific or definite - General - Military officer of very high rank


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Jun 05, 2007

Stuff! Of course! Nice teaser-
Jun 17, 2007

Fun and great!
Jul 06, 2007

Pretty easy....
Jul 06, 2007

Easy but a good one
Jul 06, 2007

Not bad.
But so easy.
'Stuff' had me thinking for about 2 seconds...the others came to me as soon as I read the first definition.
Jul 06, 2007

"General" is the highest military rank(w/exception of Navy & Coast Guard). In order of progression:Brig Gen, Lt Gen, Gen
Jul 06, 2007

ez but good
Jul 06, 2007

For some reason I had a bit of trouble with this one, then I got it. I came up with "pile" for #3, tho. And thanks feste for the additional information.
Jul 06, 2007

No Challenge.
Jul 06, 2007

Missed #3 stuff.. good one.
Jul 06, 2007

Good teaser!!! Just hard enough to make me think this morning, but easy enough to figure it out. Fun too.

I thought #3 was "stash".
Jul 06, 2007

That was fun. I put 'stash' instead of 'stuff' though.
Jul 06, 2007

I stumbled on #3 too, but it's a fun teaser
Jul 06, 2007

Got them all but #3. Great teaser...lots of fun.
Jul 06, 2007

ez but fun
Jul 06, 2007

Ha ha very fun
Jul 06, 2007

Fun teaser; Thanks!
Jul 06, 2007

Thought # 3 was collide. enjojed it.
Jul 06, 2007

Fun and easy!
great teaser!
Jul 06, 2007

This one must have been easy, 'cause I got them all right Thanks for the post.

Jul 06, 2007

Good Teaser. I missed the one
re: collictibles and I'm a big collector, shoulda got stuff

Thanx for the puzzle
Jul 06, 2007

Thanks all. As to the stash/stuff, I changed the definition and that might fix that confusion.
Jul 06, 2007

easy but fun~love these
Jul 06, 2007

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one that hit a brick wall on #3! Fun puzzle!
Jul 07, 2007

Stuff was the only one I didn't get. Very c l. Thanks for a chuckle.
Jul 08, 2010

Second time I've seen this one and it's still no challenge.But it's a good one for the kiddies.
Jul 08, 2010

Fun & easy, thank you, Fishmed. Had to think 1/2 a minute to get #3, but the rest I got as I read them.

I'm resisting addressing doehead.
Jul 08, 2010

Took a minute with #3. Great teaser!
Jul 08, 2010

I didn't get "stuff". The rest was easy. Good teaser.
Jul 08, 2010

I know it is a repeat, but I still didn't get "stuff".
Jul 08, 2010

like mant others I didn't get stuff.
Jul 08, 2010

I got those in record time, didn't even have to think about it.

Except number 3, there are multiple correct answers for that one. The two definitions given aren't even very different... they are just the noun vs. the verb form of the same basic idea. I thought it might be mash-up.
Jul 08, 2010

Easy teaser, guess i got the updated definition for three cause I got it almost right away with no problem.

Update on the generals, at least in the army it is brigadier, major, lieutenant then general and rarely general of the Army. Noticed major general was left out in an earlier post.
Jul 08, 2013

Great teaser.

I got 'mungle' for number 3, though I agree 'stuff' is better!
Jul 08, 2013

Nice one for the youngsters. A bit to easy for me.
Jul 08, 2013

I agree with Cutebug. It is an good one for kids or those new to English but for adult native speakers of the language it was pretty easy.
Nice teaser though.
Jul 08, 2013

Very Easy
Jul 08, 2013

Funny thing is when it first popped up today I looked at it and started trying to solve it, having forgotten it was mine. Glad you liked it, easy though it was.
Jul 09, 2013

I occasionally make pillows and stuff them. I look around my craft room and see all the stuff. Number 3 was the only one I didn't get. I was trying to work with "shove" and "junk" - then peeked and thought "of course!!" Great teaser!
Jul 08, 2016

Well, that did not take long. However as easy as it was, I thank the person for posting as it gave me something to do and have fun with. Nice going!
Jul 08, 2016

Glad you liked it.
Jul 08, 2016

I guessed box for #3- You box something / a box set. Can I get partial credit?
Jul 09, 2016

Sure, why not...

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