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Parcel Predicament

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Puzzle ID:#37313
Fun:*** (3.01)
Difficulty:*** (2.3)
Submitted By:nikitafullmoonAca*****




Percy Parcelle, bicycle courier extraordinaire, just came barrelling around a blind corner and collided unceremoniously with a man in a duck suit handing out flyers. In addition to the flyers and feathers, Percy's five parcels with the recipient names, addresses, street names, and delivery instructions are scattered around him and the unconscious duck-man. All he knows now are a few bits of information he can remember from the dispatcher. Help Percy get his five deliveries sorted so he can cycle away before the duck man wakes up!

Parcels: letter, tube mailer, padded envelope, box, can

Recipients: Mr. Anderson, Doozen Communications, Harold and Sons, Smythe LLB, Mrs. Williams

Addresses: 4, 10, 23, 52, 71

Street names: Lilac Lane, Magnolia Ave, Olive St, Sycamore Close, Zinnia Crescent

Delivery instructions: fragile ("Oops!" says Percy), no signature required (NSR), rush, COD, leave at front desk

1. Mr. Anderson's house number is 4.

2. Doozen Communications is on Lilac Lane, which only has buildings numbered up to 40.

3. The letter is for Smythe LLB.

4. Number 10 is getting the box.

5. Doozen Communications did not request "leave at desk," and Williams' is a private residence, so there is no desk there, either.

6. The fragile parcel is going to Magnolia Avenue.

7. Number 52 is the only destination that requires no signature for delivery.

8. The tube is going to Magnolia Avenue.

9. Mrs. Williams lives on Sycamore Close.

10. The can is the rush delivery, but not to number 71.

11. Harold and Sons is paying COD.

12. Smythe LLB is not on Zinnia St.

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Jul 10, 2007

a toughy but i was able to pull through near the end. Nice teaser
Jul 10, 2007

Nice one! Not too hard, not too easy, fun to do.
Jul 10, 2007

I agree, great job on your first LG!
Jul 12, 2007

Not to hard at all, but very enjoyable. Keep it up!
Jul 21, 2007

It was a fun puzzle to work. I got a little mixed up because if you can "leave at desk", I don't see how a "signature" would be required. It confused me the first time through.
Jul 30, 2007

A little challenging but was able to finish it without much difficult. Thanks for another great Logic Grid.
Aug 08, 2007

Aug 18, 2007

Loved your story...very funny! I found it just the right degree of difficulty. I had to think but it wasn't so tough that I had to start over! Thnaks for a good one.
Dec 19, 2007

Wondeful. Thanks for the great teaser.
Aug 10, 2008

kinda hard so i'm come back to this one
Sep 06, 2009

Once I recived a package that read COD it sounded fishy.
Oct 03, 2009

Very funny! I enjoyed the humor and the puzzle was a great quickie. Thanks.
Apr 13, 2010

I thought it was a duck suit??? ;)
Apr 15, 2010

@tonjawithaj ... good catch! No one has noticed that (including me or the editors).
May 21, 2013

Very cute! Thank you

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