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One Tough Cookie

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#37759
Fun:*** (2.52)
Difficulty:*** (3.09)
Submitted By:Hrsemn4Aus****




Hello there!

I am a living animal.
You may not see me with your eyes,
But though I'm very, very small,
I'm a tough nut for my size.

I do not fear the arid desert,
Nor the frigid cold and snow.
I can rest comfortably in the mountains high
Or in the ocean far below.

You may find me in the cold of space
Or by a pristine, little lake.
I may have gone thirsty for 100 years,
So give me a drink, for goodness sake!

If you find me, please say "hello,"
And a new friend you can make,
For you'll find I'm not as nasty
As my more ferocious namesake.

It's been a pleasure meeting you
And telling you about me.
Now that you have all the clues,
Please tell me, what can I be?


The only member of the Tardigrada phylum, the Tardigrade, or water bear, only reaches a maximum size of 1.5 millimeters.
These tiny wonders can survive temperatures as high as 303 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as 328 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.
They can be found in the Himalayas as high as 6000 meters and in the ocean as low as 4000 meters deep.
They can survive extreme low pressure such as the vacuum of space or the high pressure found deep below the ocean.
They can go without water for over 100 years and can be reawakened with just a little water.
They can be found all over the world from the arctic to the equator.
Obviously, water "bears" are not as vicious as other bears.


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Aug 13, 2007

Space huh? Despite being able to survive low or high pressure, I doubt you can actually "find" one up in space, as the teaser suggests.
Aug 13, 2007

very hard but very informative teaser
Aug 13, 2007

Infromative, but hard. But it's still a nice teaser.
Aug 13, 2007

Okay, I seriously doubt that anyone actually got this one right, but it was a well written riddle.
Aug 13, 2007

Thank you to everyone so far who has complimented my teaser. I know it's difficult, I like to learn new things everyday, so I make my teasers to reflect that fact. I hope you can still enjoy it even though it's hard!! I don't think it would be any fun if I knew all the answers all the time, would it? Thanks again all, you guys make Braingle a lot of fun!!
Aug 13, 2007

I just learned about tardigrades the other day at our local museum! How weird is that?
Aug 13, 2007

I just learned about tardigrades the other day at our local museum! How weird is that?
(user deleted)
Aug 13, 2007

i doubt many people know that as a common day fact, thanks =D
Aug 13, 2007

according to one science show they can survive the vacuum of space and have been taken there for testing in the shuttle i watch too many science shows
Aug 14, 2007

got it easily, mostly because i did a science project on'em

Nicely written
Aug 15, 2007

Interesting, but impossible to guess unless you have heard about the little guys before
Aug 15, 2007

I thought it was a tick
or a yellow banana slug
Aug 15, 2007

Wow. I was reading the answer, and I had no idea what it was. Well written, but impossible. And what does that have to do with a cookie?
Aug 17, 2007

This one was really easy, but really fun!
Aug 17, 2007

I had no idea.
Aug 17, 2007

what's a 'water bear', anyway?
Aug 23, 2007

whoa..way over my head
Sep 08, 2007

yay i got it right!!! i remembered seeing it on The Most Extreme and got it pretty quickly. great teaser though, very well thought out!!!
Oct 28, 2007

Nice! I've heard of waterbears, but I didn't get it. Great teaser!
Oct 05, 2012

Very good riddle and poem! I can see the effort you put into it!

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