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A Day of Visiting #2

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#38286
Fun:*** (2.86)
Difficulty:*** (2.17)
Submitted By:jazzmusician46Aau*****




Today, Frederick and his mother decided to go on another trip together. This time, they saw a murder, and then a mob moving past them. This mob seemed to ignore both of them, so Frederick and his mother chose to focus instead on the troop standing nearby. This troop wasn't very interested in them either or the murder or the mob; rather they preferred to wonder when they were going to have some food because they were getting hungry. Frederick suddenly got excited and said, "Look mummy, there's a charm in the tree!" His mother replied, "Yes Frederick, there is. Just leave it please." Not far from the troop, they both watched an army sitting by the lake, but heard a cry in the distance. Frederick and his mother looked in the direction of the cry but saw another murder! All in all, they had a very happy day together.

What was happening here?

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Sep 14, 2007

Great one! I had no idea what you were on about! It made sense once I read the answer!

Sep 14, 2007

That was fun, but I wasn't able to get the answer. Needless to say, American farms are very different from Australian farms (especiaaly the kangaroos).
Sep 14, 2007

I thought it fun and good. Thanks
Sep 14, 2007

I got confused if I was reading it right. When I looked at the answer I understood instantly. Nice.
Sep 14, 2007

Thanks guys for the mostly positive comments.

Myke...I think I've exceeded a the 'newbie' status as you so unkindly put it. Further, for someone who has been on Braingle in excess of 3 years, I would have thought you may have taken the trouble to write at least ONE teaser of your own, so we can all learn how to do it correctly!

We can, however, learn from your NEGATIVE ratings can't we.

Have a good day.
Sep 14, 2007

That's a very good trick teaser Jazz. Thanks.
Sep 14, 2007


Unklemyke...shut up idiot!

Sep 14, 2007

Nice one jazz! You had me guessing!!!
Sep 15, 2007

That was a nice trick Jazz. Had me thinking for awhile.
Sep 15, 2007

Thanks guys....

So much angst over a silly little teaser.
Sep 15, 2007

That was a beaut teaser jazz! I had no idea where it was going!
Sep 16, 2007

Shouldn't they be at a zoo not a farm? lol
Sep 17, 2007

clearly you haven't been to an australian farm!
Oct 30, 2007

very cute. i thought they were watching a movie
Dec 02, 2007

That was SO hard. But once I read it, and reread it, I laughed at myself for not getting it!!
Dec 09, 2007

I thought it was a war reinaction or something.
I like this one.
Jan 09, 2008

I didn't get all the answers for all thr groups, but I knew what you were driving at -
nice one Jazzmusician- good to see you're still contributing- you make us Aussies proud
Jan 14, 2008

Thanks for those lovely words of encouragement Jessica. I just enjoy this site - it's virtually hassle-free in comparison to some of what one can find on the internet.
Jan 26, 2008

i liked that Jazz u should keep makin more!!! i didnt get it at all until i read the answer..though i knew it had 2 do with animals
Jan 26, 2008

Thanks for that.
Mar 13, 2008

Wouldnt have gotten it without the answer!!!
Mar 15, 2008

i said that they were in a zoo...well, i was close!! great teaser!

I've heard of a "herd" of horses, but never a "Troop". oh well. maybe i should read more?
Jul 26, 2008

I did a very similar teaser a while ago, where the trick was that they were collective names for different species of animals, and interestingly enough, the first one I used in the teaser was a murder of crows! So when I saw that they saw a murder, a got instantly what was going on.
Nov 15, 2008

lol great teaser! i figured they were playing clue or something and they had figuerd out who the murderer was or something. but... guess not!!!!
Dec 04, 2008

Very inventive! At first I was confused b/c they witnessed a murder but weren't questioned about it. Thinking about that, I remembered "a murder of crows" and the rest was highly enjoyable. Great job!!
Mar 25, 2010

I thought they where going to a movie
May 29, 2010

I knew about the murder and mob, but I didn't know the others. Good one though!
May 29, 2010

Wait a minute, a bunch of BABOONS is a troop, right?
Aug 22, 2010

Very good reading - I guessed it at the "mob" (of sheep!) stage, but confirmed it by the "charm". I didn't know kangaroos were in mobs, but enjoyed seeing them on my first trip to Oz earlier this year. Thanks for writing this.
Nov 19, 2011

i thought they goed to a shakesphere play
Aug 27, 2013

Lol wow!!! A kangaroo farm!
Aug 27, 2013

Got it really fast because I knew a lot, but the fact that there were kangaroos on a farm just made me completely LOL.
Aug 27, 2013

then again, this is probably a typical day in Australia.

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