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17 Creatures


Puzzle ID:#38352
Fun:*** (3.03)
Difficulty:*** (2.15)
Submitted By:maxvu*




Find 17 creatures in this paragraph.

Kneel in the kayak grasping the boat, but don't wrench the bullion or scowl at the chart. Behind the taped and sealed planter is a benevolent collier. The foxglove is in the bath.


Eel, yak, asp, boa, wren, bull, cow, ape, seal, ant, vole, collie, fox, bat, ox, lion, owl (plus char, hart and hind for three bonus points, but these are more difficult. Char is a fish, related to trout and/or salmon and the hart is a kind of deer, while the hind is either a fish or a deer, depending on your usage.)

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Sep 18, 2007

Excellent, I liked that one. I got 14 but missed Asp, Vole & Hart. I got Char surprisingly enough, ordered it for dinner at a little restaurant in Singapore last month. Otherwise I wouldn't have known.
Sep 22, 2007

got 14 i got char and hart but didnt count i didnt know those were animals
Sep 29, 2007

good but tough
Oct 12, 2007

interesting... very interesting...
Apr 07, 2008

Got 17, including hart & hind, but not ox & lion - still count?
Apr 07, 2008

Very fun. I got hard and hind but somehow missed bat; I was semi-convinced that "theb" was a strange name for something since I'd already come across it three times
Apr 07, 2008

er, hart and hind. Wups.
Apr 07, 2008

Loved this teaser. Got hart but completely missed ox. Did get 17
Apr 07, 2008

I can tell that a lot of thought went into the making of this teaser. I didn't get any of the bonus ones as I never heard of them and every time I went back over the sentences I would find another one. Really good teaser, I enjoyed working on this one. Thanks for posting.
Apr 07, 2008

Sorry,but this is childs play.
Apr 07, 2008

This was a hard brain teaser.
Apr 07, 2008

Got everything except char.
Apr 07, 2008

That was fun. I found them all to my surprise. Thanks for the great teaser.

Apr 07, 2008

got hart but not boa...LOL
Apr 07, 2008

I got 19 of them, pretty good. I missed char. Never heard of it.
Apr 07, 2008

This was an excellent teaser, shows a lot of thought and work. Thanks ever so...
Apr 07, 2008

Great teaser. Got them all
except Char.
Apr 07, 2008

Great one, only missed vole (never heard of it). Nice that you separated the other odd ones out and explained what they were.
Apr 07, 2008

I know I am going to get slammed for this, but here goes. Doehead has a point. This is not a"thinking" teaser. It is just one of can you find the animals? If you wonder if I did, yes, I did. It wasn't hard. I even know wome of the odder ones because I do crossword puzzles. But did I have to think to figure this out? No. So, if you want to challenge me to do a puzzle because I dare to criticize one, go ahead.
Apr 07, 2008

I got hart, but I missed ox, collie, and vole (what's that?) I loved this teaser! Good job!!
Apr 07, 2008

ok this is for doehead and bestgirl

this is an all ages site.

there are not going to be only hard teasers or only easy teasers it is a mixture for all ages.
Apr 07, 2008

Well I missed a few--cow, vole and bat, plus the three bonus ones.. Good one--
Apr 07, 2008

Very Nice Teaser. I had fun with
it. Got 13 of them Vole was 1.
So I guess I got 12. Anyway I like it. Thanks for all your hard work.
Apr 07, 2008

and owl
Apr 07, 2008

Doehead: It's fun to act like a child sometimes & have a little fun.
We all have a child ego state within & it wouldn't hurt at all for all of us to act silly & laugh once in a while
Apr 08, 2008

I got all but two. I found hart, vole, and hind, but misssed char (didn't know what it was) and asp.
Apr 08, 2008

Finally! I guessed 14 right!
My first success!
Apr 09, 2008

I really liked this one. Decoding challenges the brain to see the same letters in a different way. It is an excellent way to stimulate brain activity. Do more
Apr 16, 2008

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree that this is not a "thinking" problem. Our brains read by looking at the first and last letters of a word and filling in the gaps. It is good brain exercise to slow down and actually look at all the letters in between. It's unfortunate for those of you that you don't find this type of puzzle fun, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun -- or even a bit of a challenge for others, and it certainly is no reflection on anyone's intellect. I'm just grateful that there are those out there willing to think up brain teasers for me to waste part of my day solving!
Apr 07, 2011

Great Teaser! Fun to do, but what the heck is a Vole?
Apr 07, 2011

Vole is a field mouse.
Apr 07, 2011

Well kiss my hind.
Apr 07, 2011

I loved this one! Thanks!
Got 13 Angry with myself for the obvious ones I missed!
Apr 07, 2011

I got "fox" but missed "ox" - go figure!
Apr 07, 2011

Found: ox, eel, yak, cow, owl, wren, boa, rasp, asp, hart, lion, bull, hind, ape, seal, ant, collie, fox, char, bat, vole.

Looks like rasp is my fishy extra bonus one. I think it's a type of fish that lives by cleaning parasites off of other things. Nice life!
Apr 07, 2011

What abrain and mamaalemma said - this challenges us to see beyond our normal perceptions. Maybe not the hardest teaser in the world, but not the easiest either, at least not for everyone, and fun too. I got all but char, and I don't think there is a creature called a rasp - that's a carpentry tool, yes?
Apr 07, 2011

Apologies, mamalemma, for misspelling your name.
Apr 07, 2011

Very clever teaser! I got 16, but missed ox, lion, cow and char!
Apr 07, 2014

I got 17, but also found two that are not on your list."grasping the boat" has goat in it and "don't wrench" has doe in it.
Loved this teaser.
Apr 07, 2014

No, Babe, the tacit restriction is that the names of the creatures appear in consecutive letters. One they left out, though, was "owl."
Apr 07, 2014

Quite easy, and time consuming, but still fun to solve. Not sure why the creator grouped char, hart and hind as bonuses citing they are "harder to find". I found all three on my first run through.

lukasiwicz: Owl is on the list, it appears after lion, just before the 3 "bonus" words.
Apr 07, 2014

Kewell !!!!

And VERY humorous.

(the comments, that is)

The teaser was OK, too. Gave it tops for fun.

Apr 07, 2014

Like an Easter egg hunt. Time consuming and easy.
Apr 07, 2014

Fun puzzle. Got about 2/3 of the answers. Love to see more of these!
Apr 07, 2014

Was fun, not too hard. I didn't get the main 17, but should have.
Apr 07, 2017

Easy fun
Apr 07, 2017

No references to "lion"?
Apr 07, 2017

Sorry. Missed them.
Apr 08, 2017

Great one!! I got 19. Completely overlooked ox.. 3 timessage over. 😎

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