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Letter Logic

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#38355
Fun:*** (2.87)
Difficulty:** (1.66)
Submitted By:buddyboy*
Corrected By:littlestud




I am a letter.

I am in talk, and in stop,
I am in tickle, and in tackle,
I am in bullet, and kite,
I am in poster, and in tear,
I am in torn, and in fear,
I am in tick, and in stock,
I am in tulip, but I'm also in by.

What am I?

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Sep 18, 2007

good one! you got me
Sep 18, 2007

Sep 18, 2007

I was really confused until I saw the answer, but it was a very good one!
Sep 18, 2007

I am sick of those puzzles that actually are looking for a certain letter. Nice to see a change.
Sep 18, 2007

fun quiz im glad to see one that is diffrent keep up the good work
Sep 19, 2007

nice catch...
I'll have to tell that one to my mates one day
Sep 19, 2007

good one
Sep 20, 2007

fun one i thought it was t up until fear
Sep 21, 2007

well at least I can say that was quite easy...I got it right away but dont worry it was FUN nice trick..
Sep 21, 2007

You got me until I looked at the answer.
Sep 22, 2007

Really cool cute. Nice to know that I'm not the only one who didn't get until seeing the answer. Keep em comin!
Sep 22, 2007

Duh, can't believe I didn't get that one! That was very good.
Sep 24, 2007

I got it first try! Yay! I feel smart! Nice trick.
Sep 25, 2007

very sneaky!!! good one!
Oct 08, 2007

Oct 22, 2007

I don't comment too often on the teasers, but knowing it was a trick, I tried to figure this out. Obviously at first, everyone probably thought it was "T" but of course, this was a trick..Good job!
Oct 29, 2007

Pretty easy for me... so i corrected something in here
Oct 29, 2007

hahahha dont get it
Nov 16, 2007

Easy, but plenty enjoyable at the same time.

Keep it up.
Nov 20, 2007

Nov 21, 2007

Easy, lol. But fun. Nice job!
Nov 23, 2007

got it after the clue
Jan 02, 2008

i missed it, but loved the answer!!
Jan 02, 2008

tricky tricky tricky, I loved it!
Jan 02, 2008

But there is no one letter that is in all of those words... so the answer is wrong even though it doesn't specify which one. There are only 26 letters and the answer cannot be any one of them, so it cannot be a letter...
Jan 02, 2008

To leftclick, there is "a letter" in all the words mentioned - actually several letters. It says 'I am a letter', not 'I am a specific letter'.
Jan 02, 2008

easy peasy but great i enjoyed it very much
Jan 02, 2008

Thought maybe it was a vowel. Fun quiz.
Jan 02, 2008

You got me there!
I Was trying to do the actualy riddle bit but all i had to do was read it properly!
Well done -Claps-
Jan 02, 2008

Definitely needed the hint, and then I still didn't get it right. Good job. You got me.
Jan 02, 2008

love it
Jan 02, 2008

Got it,but why are we subjected to so many repeats when so many good ones are not accepted.
Jan 02, 2008

I thought it was either a vowel or a consonant (leaning more toward the latter because of "by", and the fact that some people don't consider "y" a vowel). Anyway, I think that is just as valid as "any letter".
Jan 02, 2008

Good one!! You got me, too.
Jan 02, 2008

I thought vowel too.
Jan 02, 2008

Jan 02, 2008

one of the best teasers ever ! commendable !
Jan 02, 2008

Forgive me but I have to agree with leftclick. This seems flawed. Even if you did not specify which letter, you did specify 1 letter and since no 1 letter satisfies the answer I don't think this works. Anyway, I'm relatively new to this and am not brave enough to try myself but that is my 2 cents for what it is worth.
Jan 02, 2008

I agree! It didn't make any sense! I think it may have been a bit too tricky ! Perhaps you should pay a little more attention to the last part of the title:logic! Nice attempt though!
Jan 02, 2008

Stop complaining; the teaser makes perfect sense. The first line of the teaser is the answer. Just because your mind was thinking of a specific letter doesn't mean it ever asked for one.
Jan 02, 2008

To the people complaining the question was what am I?. The first lines says I am a letter. Its a trick riddle and a good one at that. Kinda like the test they give you in school that says read the entire test before answering and the last instruction says write your name at the top and turn it in. You wanted to find a letter that was in all those words because its logical to do so but you only had to answer What am I.
Jan 02, 2008

Very nice, very nice!!! Would not have guessed it in a million years; need more coffee...
Jan 02, 2008

i like it love it cute
Jan 02, 2008

I liked this one a lot. It's like the thing we did as kids. You ask a friend, "Do you want to take the idiot test?" Then you ask a series of really easy questions and then ask them to tell you the first question you asked them. That question, of course, was "Do you want to take the idiot test?" Most kids get it wrong and it's a lot of fun for 10 year olds!
Jan 02, 2008

Gosh I got it right. At first I thought it was T until I hit fear. Then I read the tittle again. There it was. Thanks for the teaser. It was delicious.

Jan 02, 2008

I didn't get the answer but when
I saw it, it made perfect sense to me! GOT ME! GOOD ONE

Thanks for the Teaser !
Jan 02, 2008

cute, I did not see that .
Thx for the teaser
Jan 02, 2008

Yay!! I got it!
Jan 02, 2008

I also thought it was "vowel" because of "by".
Seeing the hint, gave me your answer. Neat.
Jan 02, 2008

at first i thought it was "t" but then you did some words w/o a "t" so i was sorta confused but then i figured it out....great riddle it was fun!
Jan 02, 2008

Thank-you nikapooh. I get it now. I did not register what the question was. And thank-you tommysmo for the assist! However to the person who said "stop complaining", if we don't express our lack of understanding, how will we be helped to see?
Jan 02, 2008

At first, I was like "t!" but then saw "by". Loved it! Going in my faves! And extra points for originality!
Jan 02, 2008

Good grief, I should have had my niece help me on this one.
(user deleted)
Jan 02, 2008

ahh! this made me feel like a complete fool. and i lovedd it!
Jan 02, 2008

the hint gave it away for me!
Jan 02, 2008

Got me again Way cute
Jan 02, 2008

haha, brilliant.
i thought it was the letter "i" or "n",being that ever line started with "i am IN", therefore the letter couldve been either, but this answer is clever.
Jan 02, 2008

I too thought it was the letter T until fear....I had to read the hint, but I got this one right!
Thanks for the great teaser and keep more like it coming!
Jan 02, 2008

You got me! This is a good teaser!
Jan 02, 2008

awesome teaser... its these "trick" teasers that get people thinking so hard about what the answer is, that they overlook the obvious answer... 100% loved it... oh and by the way, you got me too
Jan 03, 2008

It is going in my favorites.
Jan 03, 2008

Good one! You stumped most of us.
Jan 05, 2008

Okay. So tell me now what letter it is. I would LIKE you to tell me what that LETTER is.
Jan 07, 2008

Uhhh, yeah, I have to agree that the teaser is flawed.
Jan 07, 2008

look at the frakkin category lol
Jan 07, 2008

Oh yeah, and for those people saying that it didn't ask you to specify which one, it doesn't matter, since the definitions of itself that were given eliminate it from being any single letter, as it states that it is. Thus, I would say that whatever "it" is, it's most certaintly NOT a letter, or that the criteria given were incorrect; either way, there's a contradiction somewhere. And yeah, I'm being pedantic because brain teasers are supposed to make sense.
Feb 18, 2008

loved it! Very clever.
Mar 21, 2008

DUH!!! *bops head* didn't get it until I saw the answer. WELL DONE!!!!
Mar 23, 2008

thanks for all thenice comments
Jun 07, 2008

for me that was very easy

but dont worry it was still cute and fun
Nov 02, 2008

Aw, the hint gave it away! Great teaser, though.
Dec 04, 2008

Nice one! I had to look at the hint, but then I figured it out (looked at those words for a looong time, though! ). Fun stuff!
Dec 06, 2008

Hehe nice job
Aug 26, 2009

good one!
Sep 26, 2009

Jan 16, 2010

Loved it, even though I didn't get it!
Jan 02, 2011

The answer fits, but it wasn't very clever. This should have been put under "Bad Joke". I'm sorry, but it's kind of a waste of time.
Jan 02, 2011

I was thinking than i hit ANSWER and before i scrolled down i thought for one more second and thought in my head 'you smuck Basterd' and i went down and saw the answer and said I KNEW IT!!!! lol great one
Jan 02, 2011

The teaser is definitely not flawed.

Think about these three things:
1. It does not say 'I am one of the 26 letters found in the English alphabet.' You assume that from 'I am a letter,' but letter could mean something else. Maybe it's a handwritten note.
2. It does not say 'I am one of the letters used to write the word fear.' You assume that from 'I am in fear,' but maybe the letter is just afraid.
3. Nowhere, anywhere, does it use the word 'English.' Maybe in Russian, or German, or Chinese, or whatever else, all of those words share a letter.

What this teaser does is, it uses your brain-teaser-thinking against you. You assume what the riddle implies, and therefore ignore the fact that it's already given you the answer.

GREAT teaser.
Jan 02, 2011

I liked it. Thanks!
Jan 03, 2011

very clever, but by that logic it cannot exist
you can be a letter, but no matter which one you are only a single letter, and no single letter is in all of those words
so if all clues don't apply at the same time this is impossible or else not all statements are true
Mar 20, 2011

The teaser isn't flawed. Good one.
Nov 19, 2011

i thought it was t but then i saw fear and by I HATE YOU FEAR AND BY! *punches computer*
Jan 02, 2014

Crazy puzzle! Happy New Year everyone!
Jan 02, 2014

Jan 02, 2014

Tricky - liked it & got it
Jan 02, 2017

It's 2017 already???!!!! Fun teaser - started my day with a big smile! Happy New Year everyone!
Jan 03, 2017

That was just weird. I disagree with that logic. If you are a letter you must be a specific one.

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