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Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#38688
Fun:** (2.08)
Difficulty:* (1.09)
Submitted By:mik512Adk*




Adam has five classes before lunch. He has English, Social Studies, Math, Art, and Computer Tech but can't remember what period each class is. He also can't remember what teacher he has with what class.

1. English comes after Art.
2. English comes before Social Studies.
3. Adam goes straight to lunch from Computer Tech.
4. He is always late to add from English.
5. He has English with the only teacher that has a Z in her name.
6. His Computer Tech teacher is a tool.
7. He has Art with Mr. T.
8. His Math teacher is almost a bird's eating habit.
9. He has Social Studies with the only Mrs.

What is Adam's schedule before lunch?

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Oct 08, 2007

Maybe it is just too early for me, but I was almost stumped on English, Math, and SS until I reread the clues. I liked that one!
Oct 08, 2007

I had to reread and make a change to get it. Good one!
Oct 08, 2007

Wow! That was harder than it looked. Great job!
Oct 08, 2007

i only got the teachers right
Oct 08, 2007

I got the schedule right atleast!
Oct 09, 2007

The 4th clue confused me at first, because I was trying to figure out what class "add" stood for, and then I realized it was what they did in the class.
Oct 09, 2007

I had trouble understanding the clues... I must be too tired yet!

"He is always late to add from English",
"His Computer Tech teacher is a tool" and "His math teacher is almost a bird's eating habit": these were confusing for me.
Oct 16, 2007

haha if you used the logic grid, you would see it forms three perfect diagonals!! (:
Oct 16, 2007 was I supposed to know when lunch was?
Oct 20, 2007

You know about lunch by reading the back story....He has these subjects before lunch.

I liked this one!
Oct 21, 2007

Clue 9, "He has Social Studies with the only Mrs," is not required.
Nov 20, 2007

Easyy. But nice teaser, good job.
Nov 30, 2007

Hey, you shouldn't call your teacher a "tool", it's inappropriate.
Jan 18, 2008

Fun and easy. #8 made me scratch my head a second.
(user deleted)
Dec 13, 2008

I had that problem in school, too..... Actually, sometimes I still have nightmares about having screwed up my schedule in my head & having missed 1/2 of the semester because of it!
Jul 27, 2009

okay quiz. doable w/ minimal time!!
Aug 13, 2015

It's very neat having the answers form 3 perfect diagonals, but as you see them appear, don't you think it gives away some of the answers?

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