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Automatically Innocent

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#38873
Fun:*** (2.65)
Difficulty:*** (2.46)
Submitted By:drickandersonAus****
Corrected By:pinkhakix3




Detective Jones arrived to find the murder scene taped off, and the police questioning two suspects. The library of the old mansion was large, and the body of George Henderson was laying face down in front of the fireplace.

Jones asked the police officers to brief him on the case. "John Henderson over there, says that he heard 3 gunshots come from the library, and ran in here with his own firearm to find his brother George dead on the floor," the officer said.

"Henry Henderson says that he heard 3 gunshots come from the library, and ran into the library to find his uncle lying dead on the floor, and John standing over him with a gun," continued the officer as Detective Jones looked at the scene.

Lying on the floor, in the middle of the library, were 3 shell casings. The detective picked one up with his pencil to see that they had been .44 magnum rounds. George Henderson had been shot in the back, 3 times. "Let me question the suspects," Detective Jones told the officer.

"I was just sitting in my bedroom, listening to music, when I heard 3 gunshots come from the library," stammered Henry, the 22-year-old nephew of George Henderson. "I ran into the library and found Uncle John standing over him with his gun. He shot Uncle George!"

"Do you own any firearms, Henry?" Detective Jones asked the young man.

"Just one. I have a Desert Eagle in my bedroom."

Detective Jones took a few notes, then continued on to talk to John.

"I was getting ready to go shooting, out in the wash, when I heard 3 gunshots come from the library. I already had my revolver in hand, so I ran into the library to see what was going on. I found my brother George, dead on the floor. Right after I got there, Henry came running into the room, and started yelling that I had killed him," said John, sounding rather upset. "I didn't, I really didn't! I don't know what happened!"

Detective Jones asked to look at the firearm that John had been holding. The officers on the scene showed him a Ruger Redhawk, .44 magnum revolver.

"Grab Henry, and search his room for a weapon. We're going to take him in for questioning," Detective Jones told the officers.

Why Henry?

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Oct 21, 2007

This was an interesting mystery teaser. Unfortunately, solving it required a level of knowledge of guns I didn't have.
Oct 21, 2007

Yeah, I know nothing about guns....
Oct 25, 2007

Thanks for the comments!

Sorry the gun-knowledge thing threw you off so bad ....
Oct 26, 2007

It's a good idea for a riddle because mystry is my avae section but it was hard and i don't know much about guns
Oct 27, 2007

Good riddle but i dont no much about guns so... yeah..
Oct 28, 2007

i didn't know a lot about guns... fun one though
Nov 03, 2007

An easier answer (and one that didn't require the more detailed gun knowledge) would be that John's gun was still fully loaded. (If he had used it in the library, three rounds would have been missing.)
Nov 07, 2007

I agree with the others, was fun, but my knowledge of guns is non-existant!
Nov 08, 2007

Funny that I didn't know that revolvers don't eject shells considering I own one. Been 20 years since I took the classes and haven't hardly moved it since. Maybe it's time for a refresher course, huh?

BUT- what I thought answered the mystery was that with revolvers you can see the bullets in the little round thingy that holds them in the gun... wouldn't it have been obvious whether 3 were missing or not?

I'm sure you're all impressed with my knowledge of weaponry!
Nov 08, 2007

I should have mentioned that I enjoyed this teaser! Better than many I've wasted precious time on!

Nov 09, 2007

Decent teaser. Not into violence, so the guns weren't my thing, but I got it anyway.
Nov 09, 2007

Nov 09, 2007

Nov 11, 2007

Nice teaser.
I suspected other CSI things, like gun powder in hands or the gun still hot, or even how close was the gunshots being fired.
But it was also fishy the specific names of the guns appeared in the tale, so it was obvious it had something to do with it.
I would put it into trivia, though, since you need to have specific knowledge. Or become more into actual times, simply do a Google search!
Nov 13, 2007

I think this riddle was put in the perfect place. It was a murder mystery after all.

And not all murder mysteries can be figured out with commonplace knowledge. I didn't know enough about either guns, but I rated this the highest possible since it was so fun. Thank you for sharing it
Nov 15, 2007

Well, I thought Henry was guilty because he must be lying if he was saying he heard gun shots while listening to music, right? Then I realized gunshots might be louder than his music, and I was getting all ready to bash that reasoning. But then I read the answer.
Nov 25, 2007

same here, no idea of the world of guns

I always thought that the Desert Eagle was a pistol

To much video gaming I guess
Nov 26, 2007

my dad gave me gun magazines when i was 7
a deagle (desert eagal) is old stuff to me
Nov 26, 2007

i thought when you use a deagal, you pull the back to put the hammer in place
Nov 30, 2007

this teaser is not fair to tose who know little about arms, and is not a fair traser.
Dec 02, 2007

I think its a fair teaser. I knew it was something with gun (I was thinking it was the amount of bullets in the round or something) but the hint clued me right in.

Dec 09, 2007

This was good but I don't know anything much about guns, so i struggled!
Dec 15, 2007

I liked it although agreeing with others you would need knowledge about guns.
Dec 15, 2007

Yeah I read that about three times and since I didn't know about guns I had no idea.
Dec 20, 2007

I know basically nothing about guns.
(user deleted)
Jan 21, 2008

its nice! I know nothing about guns, although i own an ordinary .38 revolver to protect my family, it recalls me that revolvers don't spit shells but desert eagles and .45's do. It's a great clue that could solve the mystery.
Jan 26, 2008

i kinda kno thingz about guns bc my dad has about 50 in our attic but i knew desert eagles ejected shells and revolvers dont
Jan 28, 2008

I don't know anything about guns, so that was hard for me!
Feb 19, 2008

AWESOME teaser!!
you did a GREAT job!!!
Mar 10, 2008

Great teaser, and you don't actually need that much knowledge about guns to solve it - there's also the fact that the shells were in the middle of the room, and that the body was found by the fireplace. It wouldn't make sense for what's his name to be standing over the body with the gun in hand as was specified a couple of times. This is especially true if Henry came in immediately after the shooting - what's his name would still be in the middle of the room. Sorry, I'm rambling. Thanks for the brain food!
Mar 10, 2008

Good teaser, but you'd have to know about guns to get it. I know a little, but I mostly shoot 'em. I thought it was Henry anyway. Intuition, I guess!
Mar 20, 2008

YES I got it... though I don't know much about guns... I only know that desert eagles are big and revolvers are relatively smaller and don't spit out their case
Apr 27, 2008

I just saw that the first 3 stories fit,but Henry's didn't.
Jun 02, 2008

you didn't even need to know the answer it just kinda came up that it had to do with the gun
Jun 03, 2008

I think Tpg76 is correct.
Jun 09, 2008

Good teaser. I know absolutely nothing about guns, but it was still very fun!
Jun 17, 2008

it was confusing to me but i barely know even ho to shoot a gun stright
Jun 23, 2008

$ourDough liked this one very much, yes!

Jul 04, 2008

I also don't know a thing about guns...not even the names of guns...I thought maybe it was the nephew because in a mansion it would have probably taken him too long to get to the library and then I looked at your hint and figured it had to do with an automatic gun...which brings me back to not knowing athing about guns...I thought it was a great mystery....i don't want to know them all...some need to be hard....
Oct 01, 2008

ok, that one was hard
Oct 22, 2008

Nov 15, 2008

i no absoluely nothing about guns. i just figured henry because he was listening to music and couldnt have heard it. then again, guns can be very loud...
Dec 17, 2008

Yeah, that's what I thought about Henry since he was listening to music.
Dec 30, 2008

very nice! thanks.
(user deleted)
Jan 04, 2009

I dont know anything about guns, so tough one.
(user deleted)
May 02, 2009

I know below nothing about guns, haha, but I did think about something else... If I had just murdered a person, committed one heartless, evil crime, I wouldn't let a loud witness like Henry stick around. XD Yes, it would leave basically him (John) as the only suspect, but he could run and who would be left to accuse him? ...Hence, I didn't think that John had done it. Knowing trivia about guns would have given solid evidence, though. That was fun! : D
May 28, 2009

Thanks for the lesson in Fire Arms, ammunition and Ballistics, but I think the easiest way to have caught Henry Henderson is: His Music Listening, how far was his room from the Library? Especially in an old mansion, I am sure the Bedroom Wings were on the top floor. Libraries are usually on the bottom fall in large or very large homes. How loud was his music? The clues presented should have been more generally, not subjective to Gun knowledge.
Good Teaser
Dec 05, 2009

I don't know ANYTHING about guns or types, this riddle was hard. Well, I know the basics but not much more.
Mar 25, 2011

People! just appreciate the teaser for what it is! Not every teaser has to be a matter of commonplace knowledge.
I know nothing of guns ,didn't get the answer, but it was FUN! Great teaser.
Apr 19, 2011

I am from England so we don't carry guns here. No way I could have got the correct answer.
May 29, 2015

I totally lost this one!

Don't know anything about guns.

And what ABOUT the hint? I didn't get anything. But all in all it was a fun teaser!!!

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