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Dragon Olympics

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Puzzle ID:#39073
Fun:*** (2.88)
Difficulty:*** (2.4)
Submitted By:dreamlvr1432Aus*******




Every year on Tyria, a competition is held to test the skills of the dragons hatched in the previous year. The citizens of Summerhaven erected an obstacle course consisting of 20 rings and 20 targets, strategically placed, to test agility, fire-breathing skills and accuracy, as well as flight speed. The dragon yearlings (including Azazeal) must hit the targets with their fire-breath while flying through the rings. They will be judged on the number of rings they fly through, the number of targets they hit, and how quickly they complete the course. Each dragon hit a different number of rings (one flew through 10) and targets (one hit 10), and completed the course in a different amount of time (including 15, 20 and 25 mins). Can you determine the outcome of these "Dragon Olympics"?

1) The dragon that placed 3rd hit the same number of targets as the time it took her to finish the course.

2) Krale missed 14 rings, but only missed 2 targets. He placed somewhere ahead of Jaabel.

3) 4 of the 5 dragons are as follows: the one that flew through 4 rings, the one that hit 15 targets, the one that finished the course in 23 mins, and the dragon that placed 1st overall.

4) Zuria flew through exactly 5 more rings than the number of targets she hit. She hit exactly 5 fewer targets than the dragon that placed 4th.

5) Bael hit 5 more targets than the number of rings he flew through. He did not finish the course in the least amount of time, but he did finish faster than the dragon that placed 3rd.

6) The dragon that placed 5th completed the course in the same amount of time as the number of rings she flew through.

7) In order of overall placement, the 5 dragons are as follows: the one that hit 12 targets, the dragon that finished in 23 mins, the one that hit 20 targets, the one that completed the course in 17 mins, and the one that flew through 15 rings.

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Nov 05, 2007

Another great one
Nov 05, 2007

Very well done. Trying to determine the male/female connection was very interesting. Keep them coming!
Nov 05, 2007

Thank you! Actually, the male female issue was to help the sentences sound right without using "it" all the time. I thought it would also make it a bit trickier, as I'm sure people would try to figure out which was male/female. It's not necessary to solving the teaser thought, as I'm sure you discovered.
Nov 05, 2007

no, the male/female is not necessary. It is another great teaser from dreamlvr!
Nov 06, 2007

Good job! Unfortunately I made a mistake and got a little confused, but I had it mostly worked out.
Nov 07, 2007

Wow. Keep up the great work, dreamlvr! I absolutely loved this one!!!
Nov 09, 2007

I LOVED this one!!! Unfortunately, I didn't get it. Instead, I followed red herrings, confused myself, gave up, redoubled my efforts, then got distracted by some Post-It Notes. I don't know if that reflects badly on your riddle abilities or my attention span and IQ (or lack thereof), but great job anyway!!!
Nov 20, 2007

I thought I had it all solved once and then realized I messed up so I had to start all over!!

Great teaser, keep them coming!
Nov 24, 2007

I messed it up a couple times, but finally got it! Great teaser!
Jan 03, 2008

I'm stuck on the last clue. Does placement mean 1st 2nd 3rd?
Jan 03, 2008

Yes, "placement" means where they placed in the race. (1st place, 2nd place, etc.)

I'm glad to see that this seems to be working the brain, and that you all are enjoying it. Thanks for the comments!
Mar 04, 2008

Great Grid!
Took me a couple times, though...
Jun 26, 2008

Super teaser...I loved it! Please keep 'em coming.
Jul 31, 2008

Dragons! Dragons! Dragons! This was so much fun. We have a major dragon theme in our home, the whole family loves dragons. This was a lot of fun to work and a wee bit challengeing. I loved it, keep them coming.I can't wait to do more of yours.
Nov 01, 2010

Fun puzzle. And I'd sure love to watch that contest
Feb 19, 2013

Clever and fun Thank you!!

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