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Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#39104
Fun:** (1.69)
Difficulty:*** (2.67)
Submitted By:EmmanoviAgb***
Corrected By:bookworm91




There are three blocks on a table: a 1 kilogram block, a 500 gram block, and a 2 kilogram block.

What is the weight of the heaviest block on the table?

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Nov 07, 2007

ok? im not into science much...
Nov 07, 2007

It doesnt say that they are made of the same matrial. This way, the small one could way more than the biggest one if it is made of a heavier material.
Nov 07, 2007

I don't think it's a trick teaser... i think this is miscategorized and should be a science teaser.
Nov 07, 2007

The material shouldn't matter. A kilogram of feathers has exactly the same mass and weight as a kilogram of lead, doesn't it?
Nov 07, 2007

jsdodgers, if 1 kilogram of feather is the same weight is 1 kilogram of metal. They are all 1 kilogram!
Nov 09, 2007

Jsdodgers has a point: this teaser states that the MASS is a kilogram. Mass is different from weight; it's just how much space an object takes up.
Anyway, this would make an excellent science teaser, and it will probably be moved, so I will treat it as such.
I didn't get the answer, but I learned something new. Nice job!
Nov 09, 2007

And congrats on your first teaser, Emmanovi! (Sorry for the double post, but I had to say it.)
Nov 09, 2007

Wow, my brain didn't go there at all! Time for bed. Good teaser though.
Nov 10, 2007

belongs in science.
Nov 10, 2007

i'm not a science freak! but we did learn about mass and newtons and stuff in school! that one was hard maybe you sould make it easy!
Nov 10, 2007

Just because it is science based, doesn't make it a science teaser. It is a trick.

Nice teaser.
Nov 10, 2007

Nice teaser... I got 20 newtons because I learned to round it to 10. But I know it's 9.8 Great job!
Nov 11, 2007

Quite clever, but I didn't get it even though I learned this concept (or something similar, anyway) in high school chemistry class a few weeks ago.
Nov 14, 2007

I got to the point where I realized it was newtons or pounds. I just didn't feel like doing the math.
Nov 19, 2007

Okay learning about Newtons right now yet still didn't know that
Nov 25, 2007

I thought that there was no way to tell because the masses were given instead of weights.
Jan 05, 2008

still belongs in science, good though, i guess
Jan 08, 2008

this one was lame...
Jan 09, 2008

definitely a science trivia question.
otherwise a good one
Jan 29, 2008

i think you should have put that in science category
Feb 22, 2008

easy squeezy lemon peezey, really should have been in science teasers though
Mar 13, 2008

Mar 23, 2008

More Science than trick...
Apr 03, 2008

When I read the word Newtons, I was like oh maaaan. I understand his point and I agree, this is better off with Science.
May 05, 2008

although its kinda nit picking, you should mention that you are on earth, if your in space then all of them would technically weigh nothing.
Jul 20, 2008

Forgot the equation to newtons, but realised what it was asking. This is definantly sciencey.
(user deleted)
Aug 28, 2008

you never said on which planet the experiment was conducted
Sep 23, 2008

How much do you weigh? answer in newtons - I think not sir
What does a butcher weigh?
Oct 05, 2008

That shouldn't be in the trick category. It isn't obvious and requires previous knowledge.
Nov 05, 2008

i didnt come here for a science lesson :l
Nov 12, 2008

What...? Consider me well teased! I'm bad at math & science.
Mar 09, 2011

This was soooo easy. Man,I need a difficult science teaser now.

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