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Liquid or Gas?

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#39524
Fun:*** (2.16)
Difficulty:* (0.88)
Submitted By:King_of_Smart*




If you boiled some ice in a hot frying pan, would it become a gas or a liquid?

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Dec 09, 2007

its obviously obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everybody knows that!
Dec 09, 2007

Wow. I dont think there is one person that doesnt know that. Too obvious
Dec 09, 2007

Technically you can't "boil" a solid. You can melt a solid and then boil the liquid, or (under the right conditions) you can sublime a solid.
Dec 09, 2007

If this was in "Trick", that would have been my answer.
Dec 09, 2007

boring and E-Z
Dec 10, 2007

really really easy!!
Dec 11, 2007

both wasn't a choice.
Dec 16, 2007

really easy...but not bad.
Jan 14, 2008

Again, you can't boil a solid.
Apr 09, 2008

i thought it was something more interesting than that...maybe the ice would sublime (go from solid to gas w/o changing to liquid first)
but it was the overly simple answer that was right...
Apr 11, 2008

But that's not boiling the ice! That's melting the ice and then boiling the liquid.
Apr 14, 2008

Have to agree with Fries on this one!
Mar 09, 2011

friesaregood--1. luv ur name!
2. ur rite.
Did not like this teaser.Sorry but it was boring.

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