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Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#396
Fun:*** (2.12)
Difficulty:** (1.83)
Submitted By:NevermoreMan*
Corrected By:Jake




A man sees a sign that says 'Coconuts, $5 a dozen'. With his lightning quick brain he calculated that if he sold those same coconuts to the coconut air assault team for the going rate of $3 per dozen that in no time at all he would be a millionaire. How does this make any sense?

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Jun 06, 2002

Very Funny!!!
Nov 30, 2003

Patriotic millionaires! We need more of 'em.
Jun 01, 2005

i guessed that he started as a billionaire - if he adopted this scheme then he'd lose all his money and become a millionaire
Jun 29, 2005

wat would he do that?
Oct 05, 2005

i had figured he would first remove the coconut milk and sell it for $3+ a dozen...
Jan 11, 2006

Funny! The key words are "in no time at all..." Those words are meant literally! The only way to be a millionaire in no time at all would be to already be one.

Of course, this one won't be a millionaire for much longer, at that rate!

(Oh, well, I guess He'll just "make it up on volume!)
Jan 31, 2006

well that was charming
Feb 10, 2006

that s dumb, why would anyone do that, its not even a trick
Mar 09, 2006

I said drain the milk and sell it seperately......your answer was funnier
Mar 25, 2006

Jun 12, 2006

ha ha that was good!
Dec 04, 2006

If he started with exactly $1 million, bought 1 coconut for $5 and sold it for $3 then he would no longer be a millionaire as he would have $999,998. Similarly if he started with $1 million plus $1 he would end up $1 shy of being a millionaire.

Therefore since I found 2 cases that contradict your proof, it is invalid and I win!
Jan 10, 2007

Cute! But I thought that the dollar sign in the $5 was meant to be another currency, lower than the US dollar, which uses the same sign. Then if he sold them for $3 US dollars... he could become a millionaire. Now, how twisted is that reasoning?
Feb 14, 2007

This is not a brain teaser. it is a bad joke.
Mar 03, 2007

what kind of teaser was that honestly
Aug 04, 2007

I got that one
May 12, 2008

I thought he owned the coconut business.
Jan 28, 2010

I thought the trick was in "in no time at all" and that it was tweaked to mean that he'll never be a millionaire if he loses money like this XD

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