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Can I be Both?

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#39983
Fun:*** (2.94)
Difficulty:*** (2.16)
Submitted By:jazzmusician46Aau*****




To some I am considered a doctor,
and to many, my title is abbreviated.
I was also once a soldier who fought for many years.
After many battles, I have at last retired and have found other things to do.

Who am I?

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Jan 11, 2008

nice teaser
Jan 12, 2008

Yep, I agree! Nice one jazz!
Jan 26, 2008

Good Job, but I remember hearing this riddle back years ago it's kind of out of style now since i dont hear it anymore! but nice try
Jan 27, 2008

Well that amazes me since I considered it to be original. Oh well, great minds think alike.
Feb 09, 2008

It was an intereting riddle.
Sep 10, 2010

Just a note: a veteran need not have actually fought in any battles, merely served in the armed forces.
Otherwise, good teaser.
Sep 10, 2010

Got it, but thought I was wrong.
Sep 10, 2010

Also, 'some consider a doctor' was mis-leading, as a vet is indeed a doctor of veterinary medicine, licensed and all!
Sep 10, 2010

I didn't like this one at all. I think it's misleading. The question should be something more like "Which word am I?" because to ask "Who am I?" implies it is a single person who is both a doctor and a soldier. But, really, it's the word that can refer to either a doctor or a soldier.
Sep 10, 2010

Sep 10, 2010

Very good teaser, thanks Jazz.
Sep 10, 2010

I thought that the person was a military doctor, and after being in the military went on to be an M.D.
Sep 10, 2010

Good Riddle, in deed.
Sep 10, 2010

Sep 10, 2013

Even though I got it, I agree with those who say some of it is inaccurate. I grew up in a military family, my father is a veteran, even though he never saw combat, even the "many years" part can be misleading, you only have to serve through one enlistment (5 years I think) to be considered a vet.
And as pointed out,, a vet(erinarian) is a much a doctor as an MD, he just has animals as patients. Veterinary school is as long as (if not longer) than medical school.
Sep 10, 2013

I enjoyed this one. But for some reason I couldn't get the answer.
Sep 10, 2013

I liked this one, too! Thanks for posting!
Sep 11, 2016

This was more of a trivia thing that a teaser. It was informative, but also quite misleading. Nice try though. Better than I could do.Maybe!
Sep 11, 2016

too easy

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