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An EGGSellent Situation

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#407
Fun:*** (2.59)
Difficulty:** (1.32)
Submitted By:Mr. GAus*****
Corrected By:Dave




A man has two eggs. One is raw and the other is boiled. He would like to eat the boiled egg for lunch and save the raw one to have for breakfast the next morning. How can he find the boiled egg without breaking the wrong egg by mistake?

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Feb 14, 2002

The question says boiled egg, not hard boiled. A boiled egg will have the same effect as a raw egg.
May 29, 2002

beelezebub, the implication is obvious; i think that it is fine to point out errors or other possible solutions, but nit-picking such minor points enhances neither the puzzle nor the solution.
Nov 12, 2002

I use the spin system with my eggs all the time. Works great. Another effect that you can see with the raw egg is when you spin it along its short axis, not the long axis like a top, and stop it from spinning by quickly touching the top of the egg and then removing your hand then it will start spinning again while a hard boiled egg will stay stopped. The liquid in the raw egg is still spinning around for a moment even after you stop the eggs spin. That is why is starts spinning again. Hope someone could follow all that.
Dec 28, 2004

I guessed that the boiled egg would be hot
Dec 15, 2005

I say you yell at the eggs. The echo from the two eggs will be slightly different, and should be noticable.
Feb 07, 2006

I'm with elctronjohn on this.

I have heard this before and the more important point to me, is that if you stop a hardboiled egg from spinning its innards lose momentum, whereas if you do the same with a raw egg only the shell stops, so the innards keep moving.
Mar 10, 2006

i wouldnt call it eccellent , but it was ok but i also agree with the first commenter, u shuld reeli be cleer on that
Jun 14, 2006

my grandma taught me that!
but i never knew that think about how it starts spinning again, that's cool!
Sep 10, 2006

I knew this! I "egg"ree that it's not fascinating and should indicate hard boiled, but not bad
Oct 07, 2006

I thought there would be a weight difference...
Oct 17, 2006

I thought one would float, and one would sink in water, but I didn't know which would be which.
Oct 29, 2007

Nov 19, 2007

The hard boiled egg would also have a shell that if a little pressure is applied it'll peel off. Good teaser and when I read through it it does make sense the egg would wobble.

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