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Four Girls

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#40728
Fun:*** (2.94)
Difficulty:*** (2.28)
Submitted By:Carlos16*mx***!!




A man escapes from jail with help from his girlfriend. Four girls are accused of being the man's girlfriend. His girlfriend is lying. Two girls are innocent and telling the truth. The other girl is the man's sister who is helping the girlfriend lie. Who is the man's sister?

Amanda: "Melinda is his girlfriend."
Vanessa: "Eva is lying."
Eva: "Amanda is lying."
Melinda: "Vanessa is not his sister."

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Feb 26, 2008

Great teaser
Feb 26, 2008

I liked this one - and I figured it out, too.
Feb 27, 2008

it was very confusing but i thought it was really fun and cool
Feb 28, 2008

great plot !! takes some time to figure out
now who'll get in the prison sister or the girl friend?
Mar 01, 2008

Wait. So. HUH?
Mar 01, 2008

good teaser, I realy liked it
Mar 17, 2008

WOW!!! Somehow I did figure it out (the same way you did) but even knowing that, I'm still like "Huh?"
Dec 12, 2008

Dec 12, 2008

I liked how you really have to put your mind to it too sort everything out, great teaser!
Dec 12, 2008

Fantastic! I'm so confused that I don't remember if I got it right or not, but I had fun either way! Good job!
Dec 12, 2008

That was really confusing. lol
Dec 12, 2008

Very easy with a little thinking.
Dec 12, 2008

The only thing I know for sure is I didn't get it right Great teaser. Thanks for posting.
Dec 12, 2008

I usually get these with the help of pen and paper and enjoy them. This one is no exception.
Dec 12, 2008

Nothin' like a logic matrix to help you work through these! Fun teaser.
Dec 12, 2008

Wow. I don't know if the explanation helped or hindered, but I got it right! I'd like to see the symbolic logic diagram behind that. Alas. Braingle is text only.
Dec 12, 2008

I got it right. The explain kind confuses me though.
Dec 12, 2008

TGIF!!!... i would probably never got that right if it were a Monday morning!!! ... Great teaser, though i explained it to my oldest daughter in a lot less words than you did!!!
Dec 12, 2008

Very fun and confusing.
My mom's gonna LOVE this one!!
Dec 12, 2008

Best teaser ever. I love these sorts of logic puzzles where you have to work out who's lying. I worked it out with weird symbols so I'm don't follow your explanation, but I got to the same answer. This is in my favourites list.

One small thing - you said that the sister is helping the GF lie, but you never said outright that the sister is lying herself. I had to make that assumption.
Dec 12, 2008

Seems to me this also works w/ Vanessa the girlfriend and Amanda the sister.

Amanda's lying, therefore Melinda isn't the GF (check)
Vanessa's lying, therefore Eva's telling the truth when she says that Amanda's lying (check)
Eva's telling the truth that Amanda's lying (because she's the sister)
Melinda is telling the truth about Vanessa not being the sister, because she's the girlfriend.
Dec 12, 2008

Dec 12, 2008

oops please disregard the previous comment...i was thinking the question was asking for the girlfriend, since, according to the story, she's the one to be accused
Dec 12, 2008

This teaser was hard!!! I was so confused that I totally gave up be4 even trying!! It was really fun, though! Keep making those kinds of teasers!!
Dec 12, 2008

I loved this teaser
Dec 12, 2008

I can NEVER get these... Good Teaser.
Dec 12, 2011

It took awhile, but I figured it out. But who would want to be the girlfriend of a jailbird?
Dec 13, 2011

Dec 12, 2014

I do not even try to figure these out. They give me a headache. Only kidding, but I do not take the time to do them. Glad you all liked them and some of you figured them out. Good for you! More patience than I have.
Dec 12, 2014

These type of teasers are great but I never do too well on them. Impatient, I guess.

Also, am glad to see it got at least one other comment - on rerun - other than my own.

Thank you, Babe.


(WHY .. WHY .. is he laughing?)
Dec 12, 2014

OK I confess, I am not a logical person. Even the answer has me completely confused.
Dec 12, 2014

I thank you CM ... on behalf of Carlos16 who departed these pages over five years ago.

He would, I'm sure, have appreciated your taking the time to read his contribution and to make a comment.

(still laughing !!)
Dec 12, 2014

Fun teaser, but omg tried are for B B 02!
Dec 12, 2014

Tricks are for B b02

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