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Sitting on the Fence

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#412
Fun:*** (2.5)
Difficulty:* (0.82)
Submitted By:Andy**
Corrected By:chidam11




There are fifteen birds sitting on a fence and you shoot one. How many are left?

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Sep 21, 2002

very clever
Dec 15, 2002

fooled me
(user deleted)
May 14, 2003

"... but I like your thinking". LMAO If you've seen the Little Johnny joke, you'll know what I'm talking about here. Good Teaser!
May 06, 2004

Heard this like a thousand times but still a good one
Sep 14, 2005

I would have to say "one, but he is dead"
Sep 23, 2005

I think it'd depend on how long the fence is. Take a fence half a mile long, shoot a bird at one end with a BB Gun, and the birds on the other end won't ever notice...
Oct 17, 2005

good one
Oct 27, 2005

The answer must be one, even though it's dead!
Dec 28, 2005

impossible to answer. What if the birds were deaf and you didn't scare them. So there are many possibilities.
Jan 19, 2006

Man, steve and brules, you both are thinking WAY too much!

Loved it! Very funny!
Jan 29, 2006

For some reason, unbeknownest to me, I got it right
cute lil teaser, thanks
Feb 12, 2006

It could be all of them... if it was a photo-shoot
Mar 04, 2006

What if the birds were ceramic and sitting on a fence. Or, what if they were penguins or ostriches?THINK ABOUT THAT.(do not get mad 'cause i'm just playin')
Mar 15, 2006

nice u got me but also what if it waz missed nvm to far to far but good
Mar 20, 2006

i got none but a different way.
Mar 21, 2006 people nitpick all the was a fun teaser, supa easy...but fun
Apr 29, 2006

Oct 27, 2006

what if the other birds were really brave and wasnt scared by the noise!! they would be some terrifying birds
Oct 30, 2006

B-b-b-b-but wh-wh-what about th-th-the d-d-d-dead b-b-bird?
Nov 21, 2006

they would have flown away, but hope they don't start attacking you!
Jun 07, 2007

You cannot prove for certain that the other birds would fly away. If, for example you shot the bird from some distance away with a small calibur pellet, it is possible many of the other birds would not have noticed. Your "trick" answer must stand against all logical arguements.
Jan 12, 2008

115, because they have flown away, but are still "there" in the world! Or 14 alive...
Jan 12, 2008

I meant 15...
Mar 02, 2008

What if the other birds just didn't give a crap?

Or if they wanted the other one to die because he was annoying them...

Or, what if you "shot" the one with a camera?

Too many possibilities...
Jul 08, 2010

TOOOOOOO funny!! haha nice one.. very cute
Sep 08, 2010

That was funny. Honestly, I never had a thought of the birds flying away.
Dec 25, 2010

I got it right.
Nov 04, 2012

... I cannot believe this tricked me.

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