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Puzzle ID:#41581
Fun:*** (2.6)
Difficulty:** (1.8)
Submitted By:brain23Aus*****!
Corrected By:brain23




Somehow Greenlake Elementary School had a field trip to outer space! Unfortunately, the school board can't remember the stats! Each person had a different first and last name, they were all different ages, they all liked a different planet, and they all came at a different time.

First names: Greg, Kevin, Emily, Carla, Ben
Last names: Waters, Brown, Craig, Samuels, Martin
Ages: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Favorite planets: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto
Times: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

1. Carla had the most colorful last name and loved the smallest planet. She went around 6:00.
2. Mr. Craig's son was startled to see his fifth grade class get to outer space at 9:00.
3. Emily was nervous, for this was the first time in her six-year-old life she had gone away from her hometown.
4. As the kids got nearer and nearer to Saturn, Kevin kept asking to get out of the rocket, for he admired its rings.
5. Miss Waters was very excited to get to the end of the solar system, for she loved Neptune.
6. Ben's class got there at 5:00, so they watched the asteroids zooming for a while.
7.Greg was glad when his fourth-grade class got there at 8:00. He was dying to see Mercury!
8. Ms. Samuels' son (who was in second grade) always got books about Mars at bookstores. He loved Mars.

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Apr 18, 2008

Good one!

I got everything right except their ages. It is not mentioned in the answer also. Can someone explain?
Apr 18, 2008

Decent... but not possible to figure out the ages from the info provided--we're still left with Kevin and Carla, being either eight or ten.
Apr 18, 2008

Pretty good, but I couldn't figure out who was 8 or 10 out of Kevin and Carla. Could someone explain how this is decided?
Apr 19, 2008

I agree with the above comments. This does not compute.
Apr 19, 2008

I guess you are supposed to assume ages according to the grade of the child. That cannot be done accurately. Either a hint needs to be added about which grade has which age or stick with using ages in the clues.
Apr 19, 2008

Sorry. I'm gonna try to correct it.
Apr 19, 2008

Also, clue 2 is a bit confusing. Did the boy get to go with his class at that time or did he have to stay and watch them leave and he went at a different time.
Apr 19, 2008

I agree about the grades vs. ages. It varies on where you live. But fix a few of the clues and it should be fine.
Apr 19, 2008

I had trouble with the age thing myself
Apr 20, 2008

that was soooooooo easy
Apr 20, 2008

I have to agree with the comments on the ages. In 2nd grade you can be either 7 or 8; 4th grade would be either 9 or 10; and there is no way to tell the ages of Carla or Kevin at all. Other than that, it was fun.
Apr 21, 2008

I thought it was waaaay too easy except for one thing. You cannot determine Carla and Kevin's age from the teaser the way it is currently written.

As for everyone complaining about age/grade, uh, start at 10 as 5th grade and work your way back. DUH! Unless someone failed, you know there is one person per grade. The oldest will be in the highest grade, second oldest in second highest, etc. Even though you shouldn't have to make that assumption on a logic grid, some people obviously have nothing better to do than complain about petty things.
Apr 21, 2008

Same comments. Enjoyed it, but no help on ages for Kevin or Carla... even assuming the age=grade!
Apr 21, 2008

I have a correction for this teaser in the queue. Once the correction is accepted, it'll be a lot easier.
Apr 28, 2008

Was this teaser a little more interesting than my other Logic-Grids, at least?
May 01, 2008

Yes, yes it was! To tell you the truth, I'm sick of all the 3-slot logic grids. These are my favorite teasers, but they are being made cheaply and quickly. As someone who was always old for her grade (being a September birthday, I missed the cutoff by only a few weeks), I didn't like the grades thing. It would be a good thing if you changed all the slots to first grade, second grade, third grade, etc. I really liked the teaser, though. Thanks a lot for taking time to make a really good teaser! Extra points!
Jul 13, 2008

I like how there was lots of slots. That always makes it funner.
Jul 31, 2008

In two places there is a reference to Mercury. Carla - loved the smallest planet. and Greg - was dying to see Mercury! Mercury is the smallest planet so both kids picked the same planet. That's an obvious mistake. probably the author meant to put by Carla "the largest planet - Pluto" and that is what the answer shows.
Jul 31, 2008

No, Pluto is a planet. A dwarf planet, but it still has "planet" in its name.
Feb 12, 2014


Pluto was characterised as a planet when this teaser was written, but I believe it has now been downgraded and Mercury has resumed it's place as the smallest planet in the solar system.
Jul 29, 2015

Those astronomers should be ashamed of themselves, their indecision about whether Pluto is a planet or not (there is a major discussion going on, they really should get out more ) Don't they realise the validity of their decisions affects we logic grid freaks!

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