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The Elevator

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#417
Fun:*** (2.66)
Difficulty:** (1.47)
Submitted By:Spikejw1***
Corrected By:metallicman




Every day a man leaves his apartment on the 46th floor and rides the elevator down to the first floor to go to work. Every evening at about 6:00pm he gets in the elevator, takes it to the 38th floor, gets out and walks up the stairs for the remaining eight floors until he reaches the 46th floor, and his apartment. Why does he take the stairs instead of the elevator for the last eight floors?

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Mar 26, 2003

Is he a midget?
Aug 06, 2003

The real answer is that he is a midget.
Jun 23, 2004

we get SO many dupes of this teaser
Mar 12, 2005

Yeah, the version I heard was that he rides half way up the building except on days when he has a friend with him, or it is raining - you see, when it rains he presses the button with his umbrella and when he has his friend there, the friend presses the button for him.
I prefer the version with a little more depth to the teaser
May 21, 2005

At the end there was a mistake. It says "remaining 6 floors" when there were 8 to go (although he did mention the 8 floors as well). But that doesn't matter because this is a great teaser
Dec 18, 2005

Mar 08, 2006

I thought it was funny
Apr 13, 2006

maybe he just wanted to exercise .
May 02, 2006

I said he wanted the exercise also! But, I hadn't heard it before so I thought it was funny!

Jun 14, 2006

ok, i'm gonna guess before i read it:
1) for excercise
2) because the elevator only goes up to the 38th floor for some reason
Jun 14, 2006

ha ha funny!
Jun 27, 2006

nice but i heard the one where the girl lives on teh 20th and when shes going down she goes to the 1st and when she goes up she goes to the 7th and walks the rest of the way but when its raining (umbrella) she goes to teh top and when her parents or bellman is with her she goes all the way to the top......i like mine no offense cuz it has more depth which is better in my opinion...but besides the classic and old
Jul 23, 2006

I have read this one in so many books....think of more original teasers...
Sep 02, 2006


The numbers past 38 are actually LOWER that those before 38. Have you ever been in an elevator before?

Whoever invented that must've forgotten that.

No offense.
Sep 10, 2006

I read all of the comments above but still think it's funny.
Apr 22, 2007

I like the original version better.
Jun 02, 2010

I heard the one with the umbrella, too. This one is still good, though.=>)

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