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Puppy Genes

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#41820
Fun:*** (2.14)
Difficulty:** (1.47)
Submitted By:beepbeeptnmAus****




Jessica has two hamsters, one male and one female. The male hamster is brown, the dominant trait for hamsters. His genotype is Ff. The capital F represents the dominant trait for hamsters, which is brown fur. The lowercase f represents the recessive trait for hamsters which is white fur. The female hamster has white fur, the recessive trait for hamsters.

With these parents, there is a 50% chance of offspring whose phenotype (an organism's physical appearance) is heterozygous brown, and a 50% chance of an offspring whose phenotype is homozygous white.

What is the possibility of ever, with any two genotypes, having offspring whose phenotype is heterozygous white?

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May 05, 2008

Yay first comment!

Great teaser by the way. I actually learned something about hamsters

I got the right answer, just incorrectly. I thought 0% because if the male has brown fur and the female has white fur, the baby would have brown and white fur, but I'm not a scientist. Yet.
May 09, 2008

This thing is just to hard for us. How would we understand that hetergeous thing and peterzorus tihng?
May 16, 2008

really hard
Aug 16, 2008

Great teaser. Biology major so it was easy
Oct 13, 2008

great 1!! jut did this in biology a-level so found it quite easy-good revision lol!!
Nov 04, 2008

So how is it possible that some people have one brown eye and one blue eye?
Apr 09, 2009

Confused about the title, but fun quiz, even if a tad simple
Aug 14, 2009

I really liked this teaser!!
I love genetics so this was easy for me
Dec 21, 2009

cute, simple, and fun
Jul 19, 2010

Great one!
Mar 08, 2011

I thought this one was a little pointless-- those who actually know genetics (me!! me!! jk) would anyways get the answer without the background info. Those who dont know genetics will definitely not understand it from ur lil explanation, and inevitably get it wrong. But nice effort anyways!
Jun 12, 2012


Can't believe it! I literally JUST read an article about this kind of thing!

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