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Motor Cars

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#42067
Fun:*** (2.94)
Difficulty:*** (2.18)
Submitted By:jazzmusician46Aau*****
Corrected By:brain23




In this teaser, your job is to try and discover the car model within each sentence.

The model is hiding in the consecutive letters within a sentence.

Example: This recipe calls for only one onion.

Answer: Neon (oNE ONion)

1. The zookeeper gave the chimp a large banana.

2. The police had the home of the pyromaniac cordoned off.

3. There are galactic areas where our starship has not travelled.

4. Do math majors find people with a nice compass attractive?

5. I once saw a gambler from Mexico roll a seven five times in a row.

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May 28, 2008

Liked it and it was kinda easy for me.
May 30, 2008

Ugh... I had a really hard time...
Jul 04, 2008

SourDough got all but the PASSAT??


Jul 04, 2008

For 5, Saturn also makes an ION (I ONce), but I checked the rest of the sentence and saw Corolla.
Jul 04, 2008

I didn't get Corolla, even though I thought Mexico figured in the answer. The rest were fairly easy, but good teaser nevertheless. Thanks, Jazz, keep up the good work. Happy 4th of July everybody !
Jul 04, 2008

$D Passat is by VW, Jazz = Aussie, but here's to independence any way mate. G Interesting teaser, fairly easy, fun. I like cars.
Jul 04, 2008

This was good. I also first saw 'ion'.
Hey, do they have the fourth of July in Australia???

No.......then what day follows the THIRD of July???????

Corny or funny? You decide. Have a wonderful day!
Jul 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!! And no, I didn't get them all, but I enjoyed trying. Thanks once again, Jazz for a super great teaser.
Jul 04, 2008

Much to easy from Jazz.
Jul 04, 2008

Jul 04, 2008

Three out of 5--not bad for someone who usually recognizes cars only by their color.
But I drive an Impala--so I saw that one right away.
Jul 04, 2008

Fun teaser. I have a corrolla, so I looked for that one first. A nice and easy teaser for the fourth. Happy Fourth of July everyone!
Jul 04, 2008

I guessed #3 as REO: wheRE Our. Oh well.
Jul 13, 2008

Thanks for your comments. Sorry it's taken a while to respond, but I've been away on holidays for 2 weeks.
Jul 04, 2011

I liked this one. I got them all inspite of my not being a car person. When asked what kind of a car do I drive, I answer, "A little red one."
Jul 04, 2011

PS And Happy 4th of July everyone!
Jul 04, 2011

I got all the answers plus a few more. I found the ION and the compass.

Great teaser!
Jul 04, 2014

Well, that was a fun one! I got them all except "Regal" I was not familiar with that one. Good one though. Thanks.
Jul 04, 2014

FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Happy 4th of July everyone!! almost forgot....5/5
Jul 04, 2014

I was able to get a few, but not all. I know nothing about cars. Well, okay, I do know:

1) This pedal makes it go
2) This pedal makes it stop
3) The round thing in front of me will aim it.

If you threw a 3rd pedal into the mix, I could no longer drive the car.

Anyway, though I was not able to get them all, I enjoyed trying.
Jul 04, 2014

4 out of 5 not too bad.

Jul 04, 2014

Got them all. I'm a car lover.
Jul 04, 2014

Found I couldn't stop imposing my own possibilities, so had to give up
Jul 09, 2014

Being a Jeep fan I got COMPASS for #4.

Also on #3 I got CORD but failed to see the AC CORD.

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