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Puzzle ID:#4213
Fun:*** (2.32)
Difficulty:* (0.85)
Submitted By:Roman_Phoenix*
Corrected By:Dave




Rick was highly in debt, so he figured out a way to make money by doing something no one else could. He went around to all of his friends and people he worked with and bet them $50 that he could put a pin into a balloon without popping it. He let his friends and co-workers try to do it, and they couldn't, but he did it easily. How?

There are 2 answers.

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May 26, 2002

no one else could? I could do that!
May 28, 2002

Answer #2: it would not prevent air from escaping from the balloon. it WILL prevent the rubber balloon from bursting.
May 28, 2002

You could also put the pin inside the balloon before you blow ot up
Jun 04, 2002

Good point Bluetwo.
Jun 11, 2002

Jun 18, 2002

Also you could blow up the balloon. at the bottom whereit is darker than everywhere else you could put in the pin. Or you could do it where you blow it up at the mouth peice or whatever. It works if you do it correctly.
Oct 06, 2002

You could get those balloons on TV that supposdly don't pop
Feb 27, 2004

I'm a little late to the party, but the third answer would be a hot air balloon (heck, it already has a much bigger hole at the bottom )
Mar 16, 2005

the baloon could have no air in it ahhhh see
May 20, 2005

or you could pinch the balloon and poke the pin through there....
May 03, 2006

#3 answer = You could put the pin inside the balloon and then blow it up. Thus with the pin on the inside, the balloon would not bust unless you shook it real hard.
Sep 30, 2006

The tape and the pin is similar to acupuncture, an ancient Chinese mediacal procedure.
Jun 29, 2007

i love doing that trick to my friends they think its really really cool... but one time the balloon popped and the pin went flying it was really scary and we were all afraid to leave the room cause we thought we were gonna step on the pin but one of my friends ended up finding it... it was funny

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