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Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#42458
Fun:** (1.98)
Difficulty:** (1.44)
Submitted By:AndrewWalkerAfi*****!




A boy went to the kitchen and saw his dad having difficulty holding the bar of soap.

"What's wrong, Dad?" the boy inquired.

"Oh, I think this soap must have some sort of acid in it, it is so slippery."

"No, Dad, the soap doesn't have an acid in it. Don't you remember your basic chemistry?"

How did the boy know this?


First, soap usually does not have an acid in it: it has a base. There are properties of soap that can prove it has a base and not an acid. Soap is slippery as the father said, because bases are slick, while acids are not. Second, soap is bitter, not sour: bases are bitter, while acids are sour. Finally, soap turns red litmus paper blue, a tell-tale sign that you have a base.

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Jul 10, 2008

This one was a bit too easy. And that guys dad should have actually paid attention in elementary science and he would have known.
Jul 11, 2008

Question. How do you know what soap tastes like?
Jul 13, 2008

too easy
(user deleted)
Jul 16, 2008

hooray easy science
Aug 19, 2008

Why would Dad think acid would make something slippery? Slipperyness is a characteristic of fats and oils (both ingedients of soap) not of acids. And was the kid's remark about "basic" chemistry a pun? I like basic puns - no lye!
Sep 18, 2008

"No, Dad, the soap doesn't have an acid in it. Don't you remember your basic chemistry?"

How did the boy know this? "

See? The answer is actually "Science/Chemistry class" since that is how he knew it.
Dec 05, 2008

pretty sure i dont need any litmus paper to figure this one out
Feb 15, 2009

He ate soap
Apr 09, 2009

Easy teaser but fun.
Aug 03, 2009

Finally a science teaser I didn't only understand but was able to answer!!
Jan 03, 2010

How did the boy know this?

I guessed that he took science in school .
cool teaser.
Mar 07, 2010

SO very easy. But I enjoyed the fact that I knew the answer.
Mar 08, 2011

How does acid make anything slippery in the first place?
Jun 10, 2012

Why would he think that acids made stuff slippery? Maybe he got them mixed up. And... How do you know what soap TASTES like?

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