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Teardrop Glass

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#4316
Fun:*** (2.68)
Difficulty:*** (2.5)
Submitted By:im_para_noid*****
Corrected By:FreddyPharkas




You are in a teardrop-shaped enclosure made of glass. The enclosure is floating in a vat of warm oil. In the enclosure with you is a fan, a dead bee and a banana. Your captors will set you free if you can make something travel faster than 3,000 miles per hour. The oxygen in the enclosure will last for one day. What should you do to help you escape?

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Jun 03, 2002

Jun 03, 2002

They Are To Put You Off The Track And Make It More Difficult Stupid. Nice Puzzle But It's Wasted On ^.
Jun 03, 2002

Sorry but i agree. I think that the puzzle is hard enough without the added confusion. You could give extra information on any teaser. If the teaser isn't hard enough in the first place then this seems a cheap way of making it harder.
Jun 04, 2002

Can you really say that a crack "travels"? There really isn't any object that is moving at 3,000 miles per hour. On a side note, Steph and Einat need to chill out. I will say, however, that you should have included a tub of cream cheese in the enclosure. You just don't hear enough teasers about cream cheese any more.
Jun 04, 2002

I think you can say that a crack "travels" through the glass in much the same way that you can say that sound "travels" through air. The speedof sound in air is about 1200 kmph (or 750 mph) but clearly the air does not move at this speed or we would all be blown over by the slightest whisper.
Jun 04, 2002

mmmmmm, Cream Cheese. Has Homer ever said that?
Jun 05, 2002

I was going to say shout, unaware of the exact speed of sound, but I know its "quick"!!! I agree that banna etc should not have been included.
I also agree, cream cheese should have been included.
Jun 05, 2002

hmmmmm interesting, I wonder if I can experiment on my brother (but where to get a tear drop glass thet is the perfect size) ha ha just kidding, by the way, how did they get you in the glass, if there is no door cuz then you could get out, and the only way to make anything out of glass that is hollow, almost a sphere, and closed is by blowing it, and there is no way to blow around a human form, but still the teaser was brilliant.
(user deleted)
Aug 14, 2002

Assuming you can crack the glass, I say screw your captors, break through the glass, enjoy a nice swim in some refreshing warm oil (rejuvinates the skin you know) and use you now slippery skin to evade their evil clutches, or you could simply breathe in that 1 day supply of air and let your mitochondria do their work, building up a chemical and electrical gradient over it's cristae and in the process liberating a great deal of electrons at a fantastic speed.
(user deleted)
Oct 03, 2002

Any photon in this scenario travels much faster than the required speed.
(user deleted)
Jun 11, 2003

with what will i crack the glass?
Jun 11, 2003

I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 11, 2003

I agree with noctividus. My answer was to break the glass with the fan and swim away!
Jun 11, 2003

mmmmmmmmm...a dead bee. Just kidding guys, loved the teaser.
Jun 22, 2003

Put the dead bee into the banana and then throw it 3,000 MPH.
Nov 24, 2003

The crack in the windscreen of my Ford Laser is travelling at about 1 mm per year.
Feb 05, 2005

I thought it might be a heavy metal fan, so just smash the glass to get out. Not sure how easy it is to swim in oil, but I know water floats on oil and humans are about the same density as water, so you should float alright. The riddle didn't really say if your captors had weapons or were watching. But then I thought, if that was the solution that's pretty lame - so it couldn't be the desired solution. Interesting problem. Wish I thought of the answer.
Feb 05, 2005

Oops - I just realized oil floats on water!!! I guess you would sink like a stone. Nice puzzle!
Aug 04, 2006

I thought you had to force yourself to sneeze...
Aug 16, 2013

Love this one, I seriously lol'ed while I read it. Everything is so detailed and totally random. I was totally lost, but the answer is very interesting and clever.

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