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X Marks the Spot!

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#43257
Fun:*** (3.08)
Difficulty:** (1.61)
Submitted By:snowmonsterAus***mod!!




In each of the cases below, scramble the letters and then add an X at the end to make a new word.

Example: coven + x = convex

1) real + x =
2) torah + x =
3) compel + x =
4) claim + x =
5) nasty + x =
6) hoboes + x =

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Oct 05, 2008

Very creative Snowmonster! A hint would have been nice as a way to see exactly what you meant, but once I saw the first answer, I stepped back and retried to see if I could get any. I won't tell my outcome, but had fun with it.
Oct 05, 2008

and just so you know... you did give an example and I missed it! So much for trying to play late in the day! You really did good!
Oct 06, 2008

Good one. Didn't get #5.
Oct 06, 2008

This was fun. I got all of them except 5.
Oct 06, 2008

Glad you guys liked it!
Oct 08, 2008

I got all but one. Good teaser.
Oct 10, 2008

It was fun; I like word games.
Oct 21, 2008

Reader's Digest again.
October 2008.
Their title was X-changes.
Oct 21, 2008

Yes, you're correct. It was a borrowed teaser . . one that hadn't been submitted here yet.
Nov 12, 2008

Good one Snow, can't believe I missed it in RD, so it was new to me. I'm with Randy, won't say how many I got right, but will say it was fun. Thanks for posting.
Apr 15, 2009

Very easy and copied from Readers Digest. So it was not original.Three lashes to you.
Apr 15, 2009

When this teaser was submitted, I stated that it was borrowed. I may have even mentioned that it was borrowed from Readers Digest. It's not against the rules to do this, as long as it has not been submitted before. It's an excellent teaser, and SOME PEOPLE DO NOT GET OR READ THE READERS DIGEST! So a teaser from the Readers Digest, would be NEW TO THEM! You can frown on this practice all you want, but there is no shame in it, when the fact that it's a "borrowed" teaser is mentioned at the time of submission. Thanks for the 3 lashes, but please, save them for another.
Apr 15, 2009

Good teaser, thanks for sharing it. Not that easy either.
Apr 15, 2009

You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Apr 15, 2009

I get the R.D., but somehow I missed this teaser, and I loved it. I got 5 correct and racked my brain for the 6th, but could not come up with syntax. Good teaser. Thanks Snowy.
Apr 15, 2009

EZ PZ! Liked it in RD, liked it here!
Apr 15, 2009

Fun teaser, I got em all
Apr 15, 2009

chill you guys, nothing wrong with borrowing a teaser as long as you dont try to pass it off as your own ;) seriously, get a life! xP

great teaser! just missed number 5, as I see a few others have
Apr 15, 2009

I like this one Snowy! I'm one that doesn't get RD, so it's completely new to me.
Apr 15, 2009

I think it was an awesome teaser. who cares if it was from RD? You didn't say it was yours so your good in my book
Apr 15, 2009

Nice 1!!!
Apr 20, 2009

The example should ahve been the very easy "complex" one. However, this was a great puzzle.
Nov 23, 2009

A very fun teaser Snow
Apr 01, 2010

Fun teaser,
Apr 15, 2012

This one was extra easy, BUT extra fun also. I got them all and that is unusual for me. Maybe I am getting the hang of it!
Apr 15, 2012

I too got them all but throughly enjoyed the teaser. I have not read RD in EONS, so had not seen this before. Good choice of teaser to share with us Snowy.
Apr 15, 2012

Teaser of the day on your birthday! Thanks for sharing snowy.
Apr 15, 2012

number 5 made no sense
Apr 15, 2012

In linguistics, syntax (from Ancient Greek σύνταξις "arrangement" from σύν syn, "together", and τάξις táxis, "an ordering") is "the study of the principles and processes by which sentences are constructed in particular languages."[1]
Apr 15, 2012

I loved this teaser, too, Snowy! This is my favorite type of puzzle. Thanks!
Apr 16, 2012

Apr 15, 2015

Took me all the time I had this morning to solve them all, two minutes. Tons of fun!
Apr 15, 2015

I don't remember doing this one before, but I LOVE it! Thanks for a good one!

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