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Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#43260
Fun:*** (2.63)
Difficulty:*** (2.72)
Submitted By:TheNinjaAau***




During one meeting with a clan of ninjas, it has been noticed that more ninjas have turned up to the meeting than usual. The ninjas realised that these infiltrators must be the enemy of the ninjas (the pirates). Each person dressed as a ninja at the meeting made a statement. The cunning ninjas lied about their fellow ninjas in order to remain secret and told the truth about the pirates. The pirates tried to mock the cunningness by lying about the pirates and telling the truth about the ninjas. From the following statements, can you identify the ninjas and pirates?

Ninja A: Ninja B is a ninja
Ninja B: Ninja C belongs to Ninja A's group
Ninja C: Ninja C doesn't belong to Ninja F's group
Ninja D: Ninja A belongs to Ninja B's group
Ninja E: Ninja B belongs to Ninja C's group
Ninja F: Ninja E belongs to Ninja A's group

Remember, the ninjas and pirates will lie about individual ninjas or pirates, not groups of ninjas or pirates.

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Oct 05, 2008

Nice quiz. To me it appeared to be more difficult than it actually is. In the answer I wouldn't have minded more the process one goes through to get the right answers rather than just showing that the answer is correct. For example, with the first statement and a series [n,p], [n,n], [p,n], and [p,p] where n= ninja and p=pirate, only the ones with A being a pirate work.

Nice quiz.
Oct 05, 2008

It was pretty difficult for me. Great Teaser. This is definitely going to my favorites.
Oct 06, 2008

This one was really hard, and I only worked it out correctly after seeing the answer. To work it out, you must first realize that Ninjas only say "He's a Pirate" and Pirates only say "He's a Ninja."

If a ninja says a ninja is a group, he was say he's a pirate. If they talk about a pirate, they say he's a pirate. Similarly for pirates.

Then that tells you who A is - a pirate because he called B a ninja.
Now that you have A, you can get B & F because they called people pirates. Therefore, they are both ninjas.
That makes D a pirate for calling someone a ninja.
Now you must realize that since C is talking about himself, he must be lying. This makes C same as F, which is a ninja.
Finally, E is a pirate because he called someone a ninja.

Please send me a message if you have any questions about my explanation.
Oct 07, 2008

No, I know that that is how you work it out; that is how your supposed to work out the identity of Ninja A. I didnt include the logic process in the answer to stop people looking at the logic process without working out the answer. Anyone who really solves the question would know this process.

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