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Look at the Time!

Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#43646
Fun:** (1.97)
Difficulty:** (1.26)
Submitted By:Gerrard10Aus****!!
Corrected By:Gerrard10





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Dec 02, 2008

A good one. I think people who live in England or Anglophiles (like me) will truly "get it". Keep up the good work.
Dec 02, 2008

Thank you
Dec 02, 2008

No way! It should be afternoon tea because after noon is T(ea).
Dec 02, 2008

We agrees with Sammy, we does,'cause whoever heard of "noon tea"? Everyone knows proper teatime is three in the afternoon, although some of the coarser classes call it "tea" as late as 50. Having been brought up proper, however, none of my acquaintance would EVER call NOON "tea". It would make dear old Mater shudder! And whatever would Emily Post and Miss Manners say? I mean!
Dec 05, 2008

Afternoon Tea is a much more appropriate answer, because the T is after noon, and because "Noon Tea" doesn't make any sense (at least where I live).
Dec 06, 2008

Didn't mean to cause controversy
Dec 09, 2008

I agree that it should be afternoon tea.
Dec 09, 2008

I will try to change it.
Dec 12, 2008

Plus, it could be "Midnight Tea". You never said that it was 120 PM!
Dec 12, 2008

It's also sort of common sense though.
Jan 04, 2009

I thought it was "tea time", but "afternoon tea" works too.
May 24, 2009

Have to agree, afternoon T is definitely the best answer. Thanks for posting.
Jun 27, 2009

Who Knew? If in the real world Afternoon Tea is at 30 PM, then this Teaser is Wrong. The Teaser should have appeared 120 indicating afternoon, T for Tea Time, and 3 More like this 120 T-3. The time is Wrong as it stands if tea time is at 30. The 120 only indicates, the afternoon portion of the Rebus, and T-3 represents time of event type. I love Braingle. You learn something new everyday, literally. You guys and dolls are great with Math. This was great.
Mar 10, 2010

I thought it quite good.

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