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Matter transporter

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#4365
Fun:*** (2.42)
Difficulty:** (1.76)
Submitted By:Mogmatt16Ava****!!
Corrected By:Dave




You received a pair of matter transporters from your nerdy friend. It has a screen that you can put matter in and have it come out the other transporter, using science you cannot understand. Assuming no laws of physics change, can sound and light be transported through it?

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Jun 05, 2002

This is not true ...light can aslo be seen as matter in the sence of photons
Jun 05, 2002

well, that's the whole problem with light, since it exhibits both wave and physical properties. The current model suggests that light is both a particle (photon) AND a wave. Of course, it has not been defnitivel proven (or disproven, for that matter).
Jun 05, 2002

moggmatt16 where do you get sll these teasers?
Jun 06, 2002

About the light, oops, my mistake. Second off, I get these teasers from various places but mostly from the dark recesses of my mind.
Jun 19, 2002

*Salutes the defenders of dual wave-particle theory* And it has been proven by a genious named Albert Einstein, around 1905.
Jul 06, 2002

well if only the particals can travle through it then light as a whole cannot pass through
Jul 27, 2002

Actually, light can be teleported. Scientists in Australia (I believe) have already done it sucessfully
Jul 27, 2002

(user deleted)
Aug 14, 2002

Current science knows about as much about light as we do about transporters. I don't think anyone is qualified to answer this riddle.
Aug 28, 2002

100% origional!
(user deleted)
Oct 03, 2002

Riddles involving quantum theory should be left alone.
May 15, 2003

This is incorrect.
Teleportation of light has already been achieved. Photons have been transported and in more recent experiments laser beams have also been made possible.

Photon Experiments
In 1998, physicists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), along with two European groups, turned the IBM ideas into reality by successfully teleporting a photon, a particle of energy that carries light. The Caltech group was able to read the atomic structure of a photon, send this information across 1 meter (3.28 feet) of coaxial cable and create a replica of the photon. As predicted, the original photon no longer existed once the replica was made.

A more recent teleportation success was achieved at the Australian National University, when researchers successfully teleported a laser beam.

Nov 03, 2003

Since photons (light beams) can cause a thin film of metal to rotate when they impact it, they appear to have kinetic energy. If so, photons apparently have mass. perhaps this transporter can transport photons. Also, the particles resonating to produce sound energy may be transported but there is no guarantee that they will still possess the same energy. Particles yes, sound probably not!
Dec 30, 2003

Jimbo is right. Photons can create a force on an object because of their kinetic energy. I'm doing research with colloids (microscopic spheres), and the way we control their movement is with lasers. The photons exert a force on the colloid and we can move it around and pump fluid with it. The professor I'm working with created the world's smallest pump using colloids and a laser. The pump is smaller than a human red blood cell.
Feb 05, 2007

thats energy
Apr 17, 2007

Yeah, this is one teaser that kind of is inaccurate, not because of the writer's fault, but simply because we don't yet understand the nature of light. As some have mentioned, it acts both as particles and as waves.

However, it's still good. Keep writing them!

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