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Horse's Attack

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#44217
Fun:** (1.97)
Difficulty:* (0.64)
Submitted By:gorilladannyAus***
Corrected By:4demo




A horse attacked a queen, but the queen did not get a scratch on her. How is that possible?

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Mar 08, 2009

Cool- got it first go!

Hm, maybe it would be better in the trick category...?

Yay for riddles!!!
Mar 08, 2009

lol yeahh(:
the trick category seems swell(:

ughh.. i didn't get it until i checked the answer -.-
Mar 09, 2009

No it is just right it should be in the Mystery category.
Mar 09, 2009

Ok, what's this about? "queen (queen) horse (knight)"? Call it what it is. I got this right obviously but there is no "horse" in chess. It's a knight. Might as well say that a stapler attacked a penguin..."penguin (queen) stapler (knight)"..I realize I'm stretching a little but it helps get my point across. Knights do not look like horses in all chess sets.
Mar 09, 2009

Don't be so negative Zembobo, it looks like a horse to me

Nice teaser for your first one. Try and make it a little harder for the next.
Mar 13, 2009

that so hard it almost took me a whole secon
Mar 14, 2009

God zembobo, the knight on the shess board does look like a horse
Mar 21, 2009

Although the chess piece does look like a horse, it is called a knight, so in the riddle it should be as well.

Mar 21, 2009

If you change it to "knight", it would be even easier. If people are going to worry about using the correct terms in teasers, half the teasers on this site will have to be changed.

And it should be in Trick or Situation. Not Mystery. I personally think Situation would be best.
Mar 22, 2009

I liked it but thought it was kind of easy.
Apr 06, 2009

Zembobo the knight is usually a horse's head. I grew up with chess players.
Apr 10, 2009

kinda easy.i grew up with chess.but still nice try for the first time.
May 23, 2009

I thought it was a rocking horse. Chess Pieces are just as good. Decent Teaser, keep them coming.
Jun 25, 2009

Nice teaser. Maybe it should be under "Trick" section?
Jun 28, 2009

i also think it should be in situation, but it was good
Jul 15, 2009

really nice and easy
Aug 21, 2009

pretty easy--there wasn't much to confuse.

well, i think the knight looks more like a horse,
but if you want to know, the queen looks like a fountain to me ;)
Oct 20, 2009

I wonder if the horse jumped over a castle to get to the queen...oops, sorry Zembobo, I mean rook!
Feb 12, 2010

You could say a knight attacked a queen, or a horse attacked a funny looking piece of wood. A horse attacked a queen if pushing it.
Aug 23, 2010

this was far too easy.
Jul 19, 2013

Who was he king?
Whoever he was, he was careless?
Making his wife fight in battles!

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