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3 Friends in College

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Puzzle ID:#44417
Fun:*** (2.4)
Difficulty:** (1.5)
Submitted By:MegRen*




Three best friends from high school (Livia, Maggie, Nicole) decided to go to different colleges (A&M, Rice, UT) and major in different scientific fields (Biology, Chemistry, Zoology). Each girl also participated in a different extracurricular activity (Band, Cheerleading, Choir) and had a different GPA (3.4, 3.8, 4.0) after her first college semester. Can you figure out where each girl went, what she chose to major in, what activity she participated in and her GPA after her first semester?

1. The friend who went to A&M did not have the highest GPA nor was she the friend who majored in Biology.
2. The friend who was a cheerleader did not let her practices affect her studying: she had the highest GPA of her friends.
3. Though she played in band in high school, Maggie was not part of her college band program.
4. The chemistry major did not go to UT nor did she have a 3.4 GPA.
5. Livia, who can't carry a tune to save her life, was not studying animal life.
6. The girl attending Rice had the highest GPA.
7. Nicole hates working with chemicals and compounds, so she chose a different branch of science to major in.
8. Maggie and the biology major both played the flute in high school.
9. The friend with a 3.4 GPA has loved animals her entire life, so of course she chose to study animals in college.
10. Maggie loves singing so much that she started her own band.

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May 05, 2009

I may be wrong, but clue #8, which I think is necessary, is not an absolute to solving the puzzle. Must assume that since the biology major played the flute in h.s. she was in band in college,since the other was not.
May 05, 2009

Clue 3 says Maggie wasn't in band in college, therefore the biology major was in band.
May 05, 2009

It's a little difficult to determine without making the assumption that the bio major is NOT studying animals. From personal experience, that is not always accurate...I was a bio major and studied animals quite a depends on which branch of biology you are in.
May 10, 2009

A few of the clues require assumptions - for example, just because Maggie likes to sing doesn't mean she joined the choir.

More precise wording would work better.
May 14, 2009

Thanks for the feedback. This was only my 2nd teaser, so I'm still learning.
May 16, 2009

That was the best logic puzzle I have ever done. I actually had to use logic! However, number 10 wasn't really needed. Of course, I've been doing these all my life, so... Anyway, great logic puzzle!
May 16, 2009

Very nice - especially for only a 2nd teaser!

I didn't needi clues #7 or #10. I also assumed I wasn't supposed to assume that animal studies mean only zoology, or that flute in high school means band in college.
Mar 23, 2010

Clue 10 specifically says that Maggie did start her own band, which would be an "extracurricular" activity. In your intro, you should clarify that you are looking at school sponsored extracurriculars.
Dec 05, 2013

Surprisingly difficult for a three-bagger!

Great fun, thank you!
Jan 27, 2015

AND I'M ONLY 12!!!!!!!
sorry it's just that this is my first logic grid that took me only 5 minutes to do.Good job!!

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