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Murder or Suicide?

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#45118
Fun:*** (3.03)
Difficulty:*** (2.67)
Submitted By:HarryPutter*ca****!!




Detective Wesley carefully examined the scene before him. He was in a hotel room about 3 miles from the victim's home. The victim's body lay in front of him peacefully on the bed. It was January 7th, 3:15 PM, the body was discovered by a hotel maid. The man's name was Sean Donovin. He was in his late twenties, a successful business owner, a Sunday school teacher, and was soon to be married. The detective shook his head in disgust. He whispered to himself, "Why would anyone commit suicide when they had everything going for them?"

The detective saw this as suspicious. The only potential suspects would have to be people he trusted. According to testimony from his coworkers and friends, he only trusted 3 people: his sister, Hannah, who was very close with the victim and who often assisted him while he taught at the local church; his brother, John, who owned a smaller, semi-successful business; and his fiance, Jenna.

The apparent cause of death was by injection of poison. At least his death was peaceful, the detective thought. The detective continued to search the hotel room, when he stumbled upon a suicide note. It read:

Jan 04/2009 4:10 AM

My loved ones,

Jenna, Sis, John, I would just like to tell you how sorry I am. Blame God for why I am to die today. Blame Him. Seek Him if you want to know why I did leave you. Do not mourn my death. Please move on.



The detective saw this letter as somewhat suspicious. His last words were abrupt, almost impersonal. Why would a Sunday school teacher blame God?

The body was taken in for medical examination. Days later, the coroner would determine that the body died from a poison which killed instantly. The coroner would also determine that the body was only dead a mere 3 hours before it was discovered.

The detective then realized that the date and time used on the note were completely false. All 3 of those mentioned in the letter agreed the handwriting was indeed Sean's.

The detective realized that the identity of the murderer was given inside the suicide note. After a thorough examination of the note, Detective Wesley quickly arrested the murderer.

Who was it?

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Aug 22, 2009

This is my first teaser in this genre, so don't be too hard on me

Hope you guys enjoy it.
Aug 22, 2009

i did like it--it was well written but as i'm not Christian and I haven't studied the Bible, I was at a bit of a loss. i thought it was John, but for the wrong reasons.

i was a little confused? how did he have time to write the note if the poison killed him instantly? was john making him write it? and if so, why didn't john dictate..

all in all, nice job
Aug 22, 2009

I wanted to make it seem like Jogn made him write it, however didn't dictate to make his writing style seem consistent. If John looked over the letter, he would have no idea about what it really said.
Aug 23, 2009

Hey, good job! I got it after, "Him", but then again, I'm addicted to mysteries and almost always solve them before I read the answer. Hope to see more!
Aug 24, 2009

Well written, though I wouldn't have got it since I'm not religious.

I did wonder why it said 'Sis' rather than 'Hannah', so I thought it was his sister...

Good job
Aug 24, 2009

It actually makes sense! i was expecting something more forensic but i mean come on! the man was religious!! job well done
Sep 08, 2009

Brilliant. Blame HIM is a bit of a giveaway, but it's a good teaser. Nicely done
Oct 13, 2009

That was very clever.
Oct 20, 2009

that was very good. biblical references two thumbs up yo!
Oct 23, 2009

Wow, that was hard. I sort of gave up in the end and just said God was the culprit
Oct 30, 2009

The note ticked me off, but, wow, that was a good one.
Nov 02, 2009

it would have never made sense for the fiance to have killed him, no motive. Only the brother or sister, someone that would have benefited from his death.
I still did not guess correctly. Great Teaser.
Nov 12, 2009

nice one . i couldn't figure it out lol .
Nov 14, 2009

I was completely stumped, so I randomly guessed the brother.
Once again, once you read the answer you go "Well, duh! How could you have missed it?" to yourself.
Dec 23, 2009

Brilliant riddle
Dec 30, 2009

I loved it! And my friend got a laugh when she saw you used the wesley childrens names! She is a HUGE harrypotter fan!
Jan 06, 2010

I got it and I loved it!

Thanks for a good one.
Feb 01, 2010

awesome puzzle!!
Mar 17, 2010

so only a person who keeps a bible at home gets to solve the teaser... please be more universal next time :S
Mar 17, 2010

Try an online Bible, maybe? biblegateway
Mar 19, 2010

One thing that still doesn't make sense. How was the note in Sean's handwriting? And he died peacefully? No struggle? While his brother injected him with poison?!? I'm sorry, doesn't add up. I'm only giving this one thumb-up.
(user deleted)
Apr 12, 2010

Nice teaser. But if I were the suspect, I wouldn't leave a clue in the suicide note.
Apr 12, 2010

Oh, I'm so sorry. Haha. I misunderstood the answer. It was the victim who wrote the note. I got the suspect right, though.
Jun 18, 2010

This one was really clever though i really thought it was hannah and not the brother cause i thought that maybe he was really mad at hannah for murdering him, but i really do like this one alot!
Jul 29, 2010

I Only Guessed Iht Was Tha Brother because tha note Said "Blame Him"..N He Was Thee only Boy..
Sep 23, 2010

Great Riddle,
Im lucky i read it out loud so could hear the biblical reference. It also struck me as suspicious that he wouldnt call his brother Bro. Well put together riddle enjoyed the misdirection as well
Oct 02, 2010

Far too easy. Skimmed it and got it right. I was disappointed with this one What gave it away was the "Blame Him" and the fact that he only had one brother who owned a less-successful business. Didn't need the biblical references.
Nov 27, 2010

That was amazing. If I hadn't sort of remembered taking this one, I would've never known. Great job.
Nov 28, 2010


I was sitting at my computer for 30 minutes and still didn't figure that out!

I've read the Bible before but couldn't remember 4:10!

Really good teaser.

Dec 03, 2010

To all you people who have problems with the story: chill out! The point is, you didn't get it! You missed the answer! It's a fictional story with a hidden solution, not the NYPD's police log.


I liked it! I've never seen one like it before. Quite original. And good story-telling. Kudos!
Dec 13, 2010

very good teaser, but since i'm not much of a bible guy, i didn't actually get the answer cu'z i thought it was hanah cu'z in the letter only hername wasn't mentioned.
Dec 28, 2010

I love it! Really hard, but it's going in my faves!
Dec 28, 2010

Hey, I just realized that in a whole bunch of Mystery teasers on Braingle, the murderer is named John. Coincidence?
Jan 24, 2011

Very very very clever, I loved it H...
Feb 12, 2011

I am not christian either but this riddle is a very clever idea!!!
Mar 19, 2011

The biblical references were not really required . The "blame him" gave it away. But if I had read the Bible more than once, I guess the allegories would be enjoyable. I loved the teaser!
Mar 20, 2011

The blame Him wasn't referring to the brother, though It was explained in the answer that the "Him" referred to God. I don't understand why people keep bringing that up.
May 16, 2011

This is brilliant
Jun 07, 2011

Very good riddle, weel thought out but i was wondering;
why would the murderer, john, atually give such big clues and why did he use the bible?
Aug 11, 2011


No joke.

And I didn't get the Jenna-Sis thing, all I had to do was see 'Blame Him' and I was done.
Oct 23, 2011

I sort of thought the "blame Him" thought masked as a reference to God, may in fact have been a veiled attempt at pointing to the brother. So I came up with the brother as my answer, but don't consider I got it since I was way off base as to why.
Oct 23, 2011

Hard but very very good. So well written and detailed. Perfect!
Jun 10, 2012

Yeah, I did think that the "blame Him" meant John. But still, really cool.
May 03, 2015

John's confession was too obvious.

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