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High School Reunion

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Puzzle ID:#45581
Fun:*** (2.74)
Difficulty:*** (2.73)
Submitted By:caberetAus**!!




It's your 15-year class reunion at Bancroft High. You bump into five of your former classmates. You're trying to keep everyone straight. Fortunately, nobody has changed their names since school.

You remember that Ian broke his arm twice during junior year and that Sarah was captain of the girl's polo team.

Sydney and the electrical engineer reminisced with Mr. Petit (who just celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary), Ms. Sutter and the one who vacationed in Italy last week about what each of them had once wanted to be when they grew up.

No one has the same first name (Ian, Patrick, Rebecca, Sarah & Sydney), last name (Leander, Mills, Newsom, Petit & Sutter), dream job (Ballerina, Baseball Player, Nurse, Olympic Gymnast & Train Engineer), actual job (Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Electrical Engineer, Warehouse Manager, Physical Education (PE) Teacher & Stockbroker) or recent travel location (Lake Superior, United States; Lima, Peru; Nairobi, Kenya; Rome, Italy; & Sydney, Australia) as anyone else in the group.

Patrick's dream job would have involved keeping tight schedules and running (very) large machines to transport supplies over long distances; his actual position also involves managing tight schedules, running large machines and transporting warehoused supplies.

Rebecca was not surprised that her classmate who had once planned on being a nurse had recently volunteered as a humanitarian aid worker in Africa.

The stockbroker has never married because of his anxiety-ridden work. But it occurs to you that his former dream job, which is played outdoors in front of thousands of sports fans, would have been a stress inducing choice too.

The conversation moved on to recent travel locations. The CFO just traveled on business to the namesake city of the former Olympic gymnast aspirant. Ms. Mills was able to spend all summer with her children at the lake, because those in her career routinely get summers off work.

Uh oh, you got distracted there for a moment when Sydney remarked that this is the first time she has returned to Bancroft High since she left for college. But you did catch that if the former ballerina wannabe just returned from Italy, then the one named Newsom is the PE teacher, otherwise the one surnamed Leander is either Patrick or Sarah.

Phew, you kept everyone straight. Now you're ready to meet the rest of your classmates!

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Nov 01, 2009

The wording of the last 2 paragraphs of clues was a little unclear, which makes the puzzle a bit more difficult than it really is. Otherwise, enjoyed it.
Nov 01, 2009

I agree!
Nov 04, 2009

I think this needs a correction or two... doesn't work out with the PE teacher
Nov 05, 2009

Wording in the last clue made it tricky (I almost missed the "if"). But the puxxle is still solvable
Nov 06, 2009

If you follow the puzzle correctly, the last clue ties in with the 1st clue. The stockbroker is a man who has never married, and Mr. Petit just celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary. So Mr. Petit is Patrick (The other clues tell us that Rebecca, Sydney and Sarah are females) so Ian is Mr. Newsom who once wanted to be the baseball player, but is now the stockbroker that just traveled to Rome, Italy...
Nov 07, 2009

What a fun teaser! I'm brand new to this site. I just love doing logic puzzles and think it's so great that you make these up yourself. I can't imagine making one up from scratch.

And the clues made perfect sense to me. I admit that I read through the last one too quickly and came up with the wrong answer. But in a good logic puzzle, you have to carefully read EACH word. That's also what makes them so fun!
Feb 22, 2010

In the answers, Patrick is shown to be an Operations Manager; however, I shall assume, since there is no Operations Manager mentioned in the actual teaser clues or on the grid heading, that Patrick is the Warehouse Manager. I really enjoyed the "if, then, otherwise" that the author slipped into the teaser, that was a challenge at first!!!
Mar 13, 2010

This one really challenged me. After several false starts over a period of time, I finally got it. Yay! Thanks, though I thought the format of the clues added more to confusion than to clarity. I enjoyed it anyway.
Oct 21, 2010

Fun and not overly difficult. I'm not sure why we needed to know about Ian's broken arm and Sarah's polo, though.
Oct 21, 2010

Thanks for all your comments chriscat! The part about Sarah and the boy were added (at the Teaser guru's suggestion) to help clarify the genders.
Dec 08, 2012

Fun! being a part of the story was clever and different than the usual formula, Thanks for making it!!
Feb 10, 2016

Whew! That was a good one

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