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62 = 49?

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#45915
Fun:*** (2.2)
Difficulty:*** (2.84)
Submitted By:dalfamnestAnz******




How can you change the statement below into a correct equation? You may freely move the digits but do not remove or add any new digits or symbols.

62 = 49

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Dec 07, 2009

I think that this teaser should go in the MATH category instead.
Dec 08, 2009

I love this one
Dec 09, 2009

Another answer... 6^2 = 4x9 = 36
Dec 10, 2009

That does not work as you can't add the 'x' sign.
Dec 11, 2009

Very creative; good job!
Dec 29, 2009

Great teaser! As for the category, I think the 'Trick' category is appropriate since you have to rotate the 9 into a 6. That is definitely not a mathematical property/operation. Besides, it was the category that clued me into how to solve it.
Feb 11, 2010

I thought it was kinda dumb It wasn't really a teser it was like a math kind of challenge. I don't really think it belongs in this section.
Feb 16, 2010

Very clever
Good job!
Mar 29, 2010

Just one question though.... Where'd the '^' come from?
May 18, 2010

the ^ just represents that you have to put the 6 above the 2, because you can't do that when you're typing.
Jun 01, 2010

soooo....... this is trick how?
Jun 02, 2010

In one sense, it's not a trick, because you do just move the digits around as stated. However, because the '2' moves in an unusual way, it was thought to be better in the 'Trick' category. I think it would fit equally well as 'Math'. Either way, I hope it's still fun enough and a bit of a challenge.
Jul 08, 2010

You got me...
Jul 21, 2010

This puzzle is not fair. The instructions clearly say that you can not add anything and yet the solution contains a '^' symbol. Someone needs to check the submissions a bit more carefully before posting them.
Jul 21, 2010

Hi Wendifly - and welcome to Braingle!
I'm sorry you didn't enjoy my teaser. However, please read the solution again more carefully - it states that you move the 6 to the top right of the 2 - that makes "2 to the power of 6", which equals 64. The 64 is obtained by rotating the 9, as explained. The "^" is not needed in the answer. I simply used that at the end to re-state the equation.

In the Trick category you have to be quite lateral in your thinking - also rotational in this case!

I'm sure you'll find plenty here to challenge and satisfy you.

I've written this not so much in self-defence, as to defend the Editors who have very high standards - as you will find when you start submitting your own creations!
Jul 26, 2010

YOU SAID NO SYMBOLS CAN BE ADDED! This teaser is wrong!
Jul 26, 2010

What symbol has been added, Coolnine? Please check your criticisms carefully - some of us spend a lot of time writing, checking, evaluating and editing teasers for you. Of course, they are not perfect, and mistakes do occur. Not this time.

Please read the solution again carefully, and my comment above to Wendifly.
Sep 06, 2010

Lol, I got it. Anyways, I think it shud be in the math category too.
Nov 21, 2011

dalfa, you don't just move a number to the corner of another number to make it a power. You have to resize it too. I was close though. I thought about rotating the 6 or 9 but still could not get it to come out.
May 22, 2012

Tilt the right ends of the equals sign in to make the greater than sign. = >
May 19, 2016

Hi Zembobo. There is no law of mathematics that states that an index or exponent MUST be written in a smaller type. That is, of course, a pragmatic convention, but NOT part of the definition.

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