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An Abnormally Still Cat

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#46047
Fun:*** (2.57)
Difficulty:*** (2.32)
Submitted By:canse912A*****!




Last week, I decided to get a cat. I wanted a sweet-natured cat and decided to name it Marky.

Unfortunately, I know barely anything about cat breeds, so I decided to just check out the nearest pet stores in case I got lucky. However, Lady Luck evaded me constantly.

Eventually, after trawling many pet shops, my friend Polly informed me about a cat in the shelter she worked in that sounded perfect for me.

She sent me the details of the cat the next day. But there was something there that really confused me. I rang Polly up and exclaimed, "Are you having a laugh? Why would I want an oversized cat statue instead of a real cat?"

Polly was very puzzled as to what I was talking about. After a few minutes of confusion, she laughed and explained to me the misunderstanding.

What had happened?


Polly sent me the details saying that Marky was a Sphynx, as in a hairless breed of cat. But she misspelt it Sphinx, as in the oversized Egyptian statue. After a tiring day trawling pet stores and my little knowledge about cat breeds, I came to assume that it was a joke.

Now, Marky has just come to my apartment and there will be more on him soon!


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Dec 21, 2009

Haha clever
I've heard that the sphynx feels like a peach
Dec 21, 2009

It does- and you have to rub sunblock on it so it won't singe off the miniscule amount of fur it's actually got.
Jun 21, 2010

Uhmm, random question i need help on..
how do i put a situation up?
I have an incredibly great one
Dec 29, 2010

Carlie H. and her Sphynx,Marky!
Jun 03, 2011

Haha, i would not have known that nice teaser

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