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Analogy Anagrams

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#46271
Fun:**** (3.16)
Difficulty:*** (2.29)
Submitted By:dalfamnestAnz******




Some anagrams are almost too good to be true. The letters in the capitalised words or phrases can be rearranged in delightful ways to fill the gaps!

e.g. Is my lovely _____ really a WOMAN HITLER?
Answer: mother-in-law

1. The _____ Church can be BEST IN PRAYER.

2. The school bully gave his victim NINE THUMPS as a _____.

3. Someone with BAD CREDIT can still manage to pay with a _____.

4. If you missed it last time, keep waiting, for _____ SHALL YET COME!

5. Perhaps because _____ could be a NICE SILKY WOMAN, a president fell for her!

Warning! The hint will give you the starting letters of all words. It will make the teaser quite easy, so only check if really necessary!

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Jan 30, 2010

Difficult to rate this one. I fond the first few easy but then the last two insane! Very fun. Thank you.
Jan 30, 2010

Definitely fun. ;)

It was pretty difficult. I couldn't get the last one lol.
Mar 01, 2010

very fun and something new, Yay.
I was not ready for a proper noun on #5. Got me.
Mar 01, 2010

Couldn't get #4. Good teaser.
Mar 01, 2010

What a great teaser!

Had fun solving it!
Mar 01, 2010

Fun! I couldn't get Halley's Comet though.
Mar 01, 2010

This was a fun teaser. Thanks for posting.
Mar 01, 2010

Brilliant - loved it.
Mar 01, 2010

Excellent! Probably the best teaser I've seen here in the past couple years. Your sentences provided great clues. Also, the warning before the hint was true and much appreciated!
Mar 01, 2010

I guess my brain was asleep because I had a very hard time with this one. A couple were quite easy, but some were killers.
Mar 01, 2010

That ws a fun one!! thanks!
Mar 01, 2010

i loved it!! excellent and who would have thought wman hitler was mother in law..hahahahaha!! tooo funny very very good clever little you for writting it!
Mar 01, 2010

The first thing I saw when I was going to log on was "WOMAN HITLER"
I just had to check it out!
Nicely done!
Mar 01, 2010

Excellent teaser - hope you make another one.
Mar 02, 2010

Thanks everyone - it's always encouraging to get some positive feedback. As you'll probably be aware, the anagrams themselves are not original, in the sense that I didn't invent them, but I've tried to make fun sentence clues. Brain + Laugh is a good recipe for a Monday TOTD!

Oh, and i have a lovely mother-in-law!
Mar 02, 2010

Great teaser. I love appropriate anagrams - hence the 3 teasers I submitted. I look forward to seeing more of your teasers.
Mar 01, 2013

First one to respond in 2013! I love anagrams, but only got 2 on this quiz. Happy March, and have a wonderful weekend!
Mar 01, 2013

Fun one.
Mar 01, 2013

Missed #4 Nice teaser.
Mar 01, 2013

Missed #4 Nice teaser.
Mar 01, 2013

Missed the last two, even after the hint. Think if I had spent more time I would have come up with Monica Lewinsky, but not sure I'd have ever got Halley's Comet though.
Mar 02, 2016

EXCELLENT and easy!
Mar 02, 2016

Good teaser. I got them all fairly easily, except for #4. I got with the hint.

Not to get picky, though, but in #4 there should NOT be a comma after "waiting". It may not seem like a big thing, but comma changes the entire structure of the sentence.

"Keep waiting for Halley's Comet" makes sense, while "Keep waiting, for Halley's Comet" makes absolutely no sense.
Mar 02, 2016

Wolf pack, the comma is correct because the rest of the sentence reads: for Halley's Comet shall come yet. But I admire a good grammarian.

Fun quiz. I got all but one Thanks for posting
Mar 02, 2016

correction: the rest of the sentence reads: For Halley's Comet shall yet come.
Mar 03, 2016

Hi gaylewolf - it's nice to meet another "wolf". lol. You are absolutely correct. For some reason, I had disregarded the last part of the sentence because I was using those letters to fill in the blank.
Apr 13, 2016

I appreciate the grammatical discussion, wolves! Thanks for the 'defence', Gaylewolf! I do like correct grammar, too. Good to see Braingle still thriving here.

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