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Disco Deceit

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#46489
Fun:*** (2.46)
Difficulty:* (0.86)
Submitted By:science12nerdAph*****!




"I could have been killed, Inspector Wright!" cried Sam Dancer as the brilliant detective stepped in his disco.

"Tell me what happened," Inspector Wright asked.

"I was closing my disco and then this guy came with a gun. He took all my money and took a shot at me. Luckily, it only scraped past my arm," Sam said, showing him a bandaged flesh wound. "I didn't touch anything. I have seen enough detective movies to know that you would want to look for clues."

Inspector Wright stood in the middle of the mirrored walls that perfectly reflected the scene of the crime.

"You left one clue too many Sam. Or maybe you didn't leave it. You are lying."

Why didn't Inspector Wright believe Sam's story?

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Mar 07, 2010

I thought there would have been blood on the ground.
Mar 09, 2010

I thought correctly. There would have been a window broken, or at least something broken from the "bullet."
Mar 14, 2010

Not necessarily. If the bullet's trajectory was downwards and not upwards, then the bullet would hit the floor and not the wall.
I thought of a broken mirror wall and then realised that it depends on the trajectory of the bullet and the position of the arm when the shot was fired.

It is also possible, depending on the calibre of the firearm and the distance to the wall from where the victim was standing, for the bullet to complete its trajectory and just fall.
Mar 14, 2010

i agree with mathsisnice. That would be credible. But not the mirror explanation. Sorry.
Mar 19, 2010

Usually, when something scraped past your arm, would there be a lot of blood? And of course, seeing something scraped past you you would hold it, try to see if it was wounded. In that instance, the blood will only be on Sam's arm. And besides, when you shoot someone, would you point it downwards? You usually would point it towards a witness if you were caught.
Mar 19, 2010

This teaser obviously has more than one correct answer. I can appreciate it because it gets you thinking. But on the same note, I would change the teaser to ask why the inspector SUSPECTED he was lying, not WHY he was lying.
Apr 10, 2010

If the Disco was covered in Mirrors, there would have had to be broken glass somewhere in the disco. Therefore, the owner had to be lying. Now, why he lied is another teaser all together.
Apr 10, 2010

By the way, Good Simple Teaser without motive, but good, nevertheless...
Apr 11, 2010

good one , but easy
Apr 18, 2010

Inspector Wright can not make a case or should not draw such a conclusion on such flimsy evidence. One must consider the caliber of the weapon, the distance to any mirrored surface, the bullet's trajectory, any deflection factors and the wound itself as well as the victim before any conclusions can be drawn. There are probability several other factors as well.
May 04, 2010

fun! got it
May 29, 2010

Easy peasy, but I liked it.
Sep 07, 2010

i thought since he had no money,how could he afford a bandage??

dumb guess
Mar 19, 2011

I'm sorry but where exactly does it say that none of the mirrors were broken? Last I checked, discos usually have more than one (a LOT more than one) mirror. The teaser only talks about ONE mirror "perfectly reflecting the crime scene". Assuming the disco is atleast a decent sized room, it is very possible that a mirror is broken which the detective cannot possibly notice or confirm in the course of a brief conversation. Oh and I DID get the answer because of the way the mirrors were emphasized in the mystery. I don't mean to discourage your effort but I think you should have put more thought into this. A full rating for fun though!
May 17, 2011

Pretty easy, but Queen liked it
Jul 13, 2011

The inspector wright all of a sudden let me think of phoenix wright, a mystery game I loved that game
Nov 21, 2011

i thought it was the bullet scraped PAST the man it didnt GO RIGHT ACROSS THE SIDE of the mans arm
Feb 12, 2012

Well, it did say SCRAPED...
Jun 28, 2012

Oh now I get it sometines you read these and your like how did I miss that? You did a great job by the way I spent like 15 min just trying to figure it ou!!

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