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Card Quandary

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#46559
Fun:*** (2.79)
Difficulty:*** (2.18)
Submitted By:dalfamnestAnz******




Mavis the 'mathemagician' held ten cards (face down) in her hand - Ace (1) to 10 of Hearts.

She moved the top card to the bottom of the pack, counting '1', and turned up the next card, placing it on the table. It was the Ace.

She counted two more cards to the bottom of the pack, showed the next card - the '2' - and placed it on the table.

Counting, 'One, two, three' more to the bottom, she then showed the next card - '3' of Hearts.

This continued for four to nine, and the final card was - ta-daah! - the '10' of Hearts.

Question: What was the original order of cards, from the top to bottom?

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Apr 22, 2010

I haven't tried it with cards yet, but I will! I love these kind of card tricks was just about to shut down for the night but thought ... one more look at Braingle and I was hooked thanks for posting , and it's cool to be first comment too!!!
Apr 22, 2010

Its even better to be first and know and understand the problem at hand. I myself, did not understand this problem the wayit was explained, yet I did understand and got the first two numbers/letters correct. Good Teaser.
Apr 22, 2010

Very nice! Very doable but requires some thinking. Cheers.
Apr 22, 2010

Thanks - yes, its a fun little challenge. Very good for the problem-solving skill of thinking backwards. Do try it and share it!

I'm glad people are enjoying this - it's not new, but I have written it in an original way.
Apr 22, 2010

I love any puzzle that has to do with numbers and logic. Very easy with a pencil and paper, but lots of fun for me. Can't wait to try it on my grand kids.
Apr 22, 2010

I didn't understand.? After three; count four to the bottom then five to the bottom ,etc. I came up with 9A562481037. It seemed to work.?
Apr 22, 2010

My bad. I did it face-up; just reread directions.
Apr 28, 2013

I misread the directions, as instead of the named card being removed from the deck and placed on a table. I counted it as having been put onto the bottom of the deck also. The teaser was not workable doing it this way, and so I reread the directions (reading them carefully the first time would have saved a lot of trouble!) After rereading and using paper and pencil, it was actually pretty easy! Good Teaser!

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