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Fairy, Wolf, and Duck

Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#4667
Fun:*** (2.95)
Difficulty:*** (2.25)
Submitted By:emmyluzam****
Corrected By:Mysterious




Decipher this phrase:


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Jun 25, 2002

great job!
Jul 10, 2002

tee hee hee =D
May 17, 2003

Well done.
Aug 17, 2003

excellent one
Apr 17, 2005

I got it! I got it!
Apr 17, 2005

Very good!!
Apr 17, 2005

The hint was kind of vague. But otherwise I liked it.
Apr 17, 2005

Now that was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 17, 2005

i thought the magic duckling who got help from a fairy.
Apr 17, 2005

Apr 17, 2005

this was purty good i say!
Apr 17, 2005

Very good, bad hint
Apr 17, 2005

I didn't get it, but once I saw the answer I loved it!!! Nice work!!!
Apr 17, 2005

The hint gave it away but other wise that was great!!!!!!!!
Apr 17, 2005

uh mhust eshellent teasher (and may muh tounge turn green iff'n it aint)
Apr 17, 2005

I liked that one. Mainly because I was able to get it.
Apr 17, 2005

im sorr i seem to be the only one who didnt like this one good = fairy
Apr 17, 2005

Apr 17, 2005

I didnt get it , it was still fun.
Apr 18, 2005

Apr 18, 2005

I didn;t get it but I think it was good...
(user deleted)
Apr 18, 2005

Apr 18, 2005

I couldn't figure it out, but when I read the answer, I exploded in laughter at the hard questions answer! It was great.
Apr 19, 2005

i liked that that was very good it was difficult at first but then i got it.
Apr 25, 2005

May 11, 2006

That was cute, I liked it!
Dec 10, 2006

So cute! I love it!
Mar 02, 2007

heehee. love it!
Jun 04, 2007

That works so well at different levels. Very creative and funny in a cute sort of way.
Apr 17, 2008

Nice one! I think a more rebus-y way of doing it would be to have a '________' before each thing (e.g. ________ fairy)....but it is very good as is.
Apr 17, 2008

Not sure what I think about this one. I didn't get it, not even close. After reading the answer it is simple enough, but for some reason I feel something was missing that would make this a very very good rebus. Anyone agree? or is it just me.
Apr 17, 2008

I thought it was a great teaser, I got it right away!!!!
Apr 17, 2008

Very cute!
Apr 17, 2008

The hint didn't help. Rebuses are hard enough for me, but usually the positioning of the words is significant, but in this case it's mis-leading. Is this really a rebus?
Apr 17, 2008

Agree with Brandon.Didn't think it made sense.
Apr 17, 2008

I too feel that something was missing. I had no idea where to go with this one. The answer made perfect sense, but I wouldn't have gotten it in a million years.
Apr 17, 2008

I love this one!!!
Apr 17, 2008

made me laugh very cute
Apr 17, 2008

Doy! I'm such an idiot. Good teaser
Apr 17, 2008

Wolves are NOT bad, they are territorial. Big, bad wolves is a stupid stereotype by the Grimm Brothers. Too hard for me, too.
Apr 17, 2008

The solution alludes to common adjectives used in children's stories with these characters: the GOOD Fairy, the Big BAD Wolf, and the UGLY Duckling.
Apr 17, 2008

How could you not understand this one???? It was excellent!!
Apr 18, 2008

Fun teaser
Apr 21, 2008

I'm not sure if I would call this a rebus, but it was funny. Thanks for making me smile.
Apr 21, 2008

Fairy Wolf, Duck, & the lost (me)
Apr 17, 2011

Everyone is easy to please in these puzzles except for a few. That was back in 2008. In 2011 I find it rather easy to say I did not like it. Maybe if the author had said the phrase is this conjured up from a few fairy tales it might have been more interesting to try and figure out. Just my thinking.
Apr 17, 2011

I agree with the above comment. Anyone who has ever read a tale about the "fae" will tell you Fae are anything but good. Wolves are "like" hunters. I did think the "ugly" duckling was funny, but the hint should have mentioned children's stories or mother goose or something
Apr 17, 2011

When I read the hint, I immediately thought ducklings were cute (I'm an animal lover) so I got thrown off right away! But good teaser.
Apr 17, 2011

Foul!!! Even the Hint served to make this one worse. As said above, ducklings are downy, cute, fuzzy etc, NOT ugly. The eponymous Ugly Duckling was in fact a cygnet who was mocked for looking different than his adopted siblings. To build a Rebus around DUCKLINGS as a guide to the word ugly is like using the word Bailey to indicate Pearl because there was an entertainer by the name Pearl Bailey. Come on...

Wolves, similarly, should NOT be maligned as being generic for BAD. This is an unhelpful stereotype and, in the context of a rebus, the connection would require a whole lot of context to make any sense.

Fairy = Good is about as true as Fairy = Evil also, by the way.

A good Rebus should not rely on a personal or highly context-driven connection within the words. Like all word play, they should mean the same thing to anybody familiar with the common language.

Sorry. Back to the drawing board with this one.
Apr 17, 2011

Well, even though I got it, I have to agree with the above posters regarding the clue. \only those familiar with the stories would be able to understand it. Other than that good teaser.
Apr 18, 2011

Fairy=djinn=evil. Wolf=hunter+family. Wolves are very protective of their offspring, and will work very hard to feed their young and teach them to live without the parents. These qualities equal good for me. Ducklings, as mentioned, are cute and fuzzy. Therefore the only correct answer is the evil, the good and the cute. Makes no sense otherwise. The author of this one used too biased a base to come to the answer.
Sep 02, 2011

Hee hee so cute i loved it
Apr 17, 2014

This is, to me (and, certainly, this is my very own humble opinion) ...

One of the "near-perfect" rebuses on this site.

I will reserve detail on why I think so until (or if) we see other contemporary responses.

Apr 17, 2014

I agree with Bradon's comment from 2008.
Apr 17, 2014

There are popular story characters that can lead people to the correct interpretation; The Good Fairy, The Big Bad Wolf, and the Ugly Duckling. But the main flaw with this teaser, as recognized by many, is in the hint. It suggests that the clued creatures are normally like this, which is nowhere near the case. These descriptors only accurately represent a single character, not these creatures in general. As such, I have mixed feelings about this rebus.
Apr 17, 2014

Got it!
Apr 17, 2014

Sorry, but this one is very bad!!!!
Apr 17, 2014

Apr 17, 2014

I can see why Bad Bunnee02 would think this is a "near perfect" rebus, and especially as so beautifully explained by Elentir.

But, I personally would have preferred to see the WOLF defined as "cute" - that would be much more accurate!

LOL Just kidding, of course!
Apr 17, 2014

Did not get it, but still fun.
Apr 17, 2014

Gayle might be "cute" and a "wolf" might be bad ....

But to understand this rebus ....

requires a leap ...... just a tad !!

Apr 17, 2014

Ah, the anguished howls of those who were unable to solve this cute little rebus, and the convoluted explanations, in some cases, of why they were unable to do so. Que lastima. Had I submitted this rebus, though, I would have used a different hint, to wit, "Clint Eastwood." Or maybe "Sergio Leone." Either one should have suggested the solution pretty quickly.
Apr 17, 2014

Spot on, lukasiwicz ....


That was the reason I called it a "near-perfect" rebus; because of the hint.

But we don't want the hint to be too "literal"; e.g. "Eastwood" or "Leone", do we. Takes out all the fun.

I would suggest a hint more like:

"think little tiny stinky cigars" ... so the rebus clues can continue to require the "intuitive leap" for final resolution.

And, besides, my latest Charmoon priest reading indicates my rebus-infection has inflamed again, so I must be careful.

Apr 17, 2017

Sorry, but should have been written:

Fairy, Wolf & Duckling as in the title( or something similar). Certainly not with the words above/under one another( that actually makes it an incorrect rebus )!

Hint should have been: Children's Tales etc.
Apr 17, 2017

I must say - to augment the excellent comments of my bro, BadBunnee02 - this is as "near-perfect" a Rebus as you will see hereon.

The reason, of course, that many find it (attitudinally) not so is that it requires the fabled "intuitive leap" to solve.

To those of you who do not, yet, possess this creative problem-solving technique, do not despair.

Continue to allow learning tools (such as Braingle), and your own perseverance, and the assistance of contributors such as Bro Bunnee02, prevail.

You'll manage to "get there" (my intuition strongly says that to me) !!

Apr 17, 2017

We are STILL ... laughing .... !!!

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