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Ruined Night

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#4692
Fun:*** (2.36)
Difficulty:*** (2.12)
Submitted By:mad-adeAhu***
Corrected By:lesternoronha1




A tourist in London took a ride in Mad Ade's taxi cab. When he reached his destination, the tourist paid Mad Ade the fare, but did not include a tip. At this Mad Ade was displeased and said something to the tourist that ruined his whole evening. The two men were strangers and had never met previously. What did Mad Ade say?

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Jun 25, 2002

Mad-Ade is a man of many talents isn't he?
Jun 25, 2002

It didn't specifically have to be an Agatha C. play did it??
Jun 26, 2002

no, it's just that she was famous for writing plays where the culprit was kept a mystery until the very last moment. Nowing the outcome would spoil the surprise
Jun 27, 2002

my mom loves reading her books, but i didnt know she wrote plays....
Sep 09, 2002

I think this one should be in "Situation," not "Logic."
Sep 13, 2002

When you buy tickets for the mouse trap, and again just befoer curtain up, you are asked to swear that you will tell no one the ending. When I went to see it in 1987 it had been running for about 35 years. still most people keep to this. How mnay other murder mysteries could keep going for so long. I think this makes it the logical choise for an answer as against any other murder mystery play. The script for the play was withdrawn from sale print in the mid 50's to help with the secrecy. It is an excellent play with a real twist.
Nov 07, 2005

I still don't quite understand...
Sep 02, 2008

I think this teaser is excellent whichever category it is in. I'm a big fan of Mad Ade
Sep 02, 2008

me too
Sep 17, 2008

Very clever rebus, but then Mr. Mad is a very clever person. Thanks for posting.
Sep 26, 2013

Mad-Ade, you've done much better than this one. Should be in the Situation category. And even at that, not very interesting, or plausibly guessed...

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