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The Talking Clock

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#4811
Fun:*** (2.92)
Difficulty:** (2.05)
Submitted By:QtistLilShorTy***
Corrected By:boodler




A man had just redone his apartment, and he wanted to show it off to his friends. He showed them his whole apartment and in the final room there was a giant gong. One friend asked, "Why do you have a giant gong in the middle of the room?" The owner of the apartment replied, "Well, because it is my talking time clock." Another friend questioned, "Does it actually work?" So in reply the owner nodded and proved to everyone that it truly was a talking time clock. How did he prove this??

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Jun 26, 2002

That wont work if it is a reasonable hour, or if his neighbour is away
Jun 27, 2002

Jun 30, 2002

lol,very funny,but if his neighbour were out then it would not work.still i like it!
Jul 04, 2002

what a bad remake of a joke
Jul 06, 2002

that one pretty kool, but i herd b4 as a joke with language unsuitble for a family site in it
Jul 24, 2002

this is the second joke i read turned into a riddle...they really don't work as riddles.
(user deleted)
Jul 24, 2002

O_wise_one, in England it is spelt neighbour. 'Neighbor' seems just as wrong to me as 'neighbour' must do to you.
Jul 24, 2002

All these negative comments, and yet the teaser still has a high "fun" rating. Looks like the complainers are in the minority (as usual).
Jul 24, 2002

I thought this one was pretty funny. and i agree with bobbit. the "fun" rating is high, so the nit pickers are most likely outnumbered.
Jul 24, 2002

Good joke -- poor puzzle!
Jul 25, 2002

well maybe the guy new his neighbor was home because he did it earlier and he wouldn't have done it if it wasn't late at night.
Sep 10, 2002

It would have been really cool if i hadnt just saw that in a book.
Apr 09, 2006

hey forget all that negativity, your teaser was great and it made me laugh out loud,
I loved it, thanks!!
Nov 22, 2006

Feb 24, 2007

i heard that one as a joke and it was better as a joke
Jan 26, 2008

Yes..yes..heard it at the pub....but funny
May 24, 2010

lol lol lol hahhahahhahahahahaha
Jun 11, 2010

Jun 28, 2011

Why the hell is he showing his apartment to his friends at 1:30 am? And how can he tell if his neighbors are in or out?
Apr 01, 2012

I laughed at the answer. Before I even had to look. So I'm very smart and easily amused.
Feb 18, 2014

I'm not criticizing your teaser at all, in fact I like it a lot and thought it was funny, but I had the same thought as bigbanggoo why is he showing off his apartment at 1:30?
Feb 23, 2014

What's creepy is that I was reading this teaser at 1:30 in the morning...

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